For Honor Chapter 3 Samurai Walkthrough

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In the final chapter after Viking raids the Samurais’ imperial land, you play as the samurai to lead in battle. At the end, the troops reaches Ashfeld to defeat Apollyon.

Chapter 3 Samurai Guide

Chapter 3 Samurai Walkthrough

Mission 3.1 Duty:

The mission begins with a short cinematic where a orochi is freed and finally decide to fight for the city. The first objective is to destroy the gates and then fight with Viking invaders. The samurai uses a sword and arrows to fight. Their swiftness is their strength. Their speed and striking blow is good enough to take down enemies in single attack.

For Honor Chapter 3 Guide

There are ample of them on the ground, you need to fight them one by one. At the end you need to regroup with your friends at the bridge that collapses. Next you can use poison traps in the game. The objective is to poison three sources in the game. This slows down the enemy and can give you enough time to beat them down.

For Honor Chapter 3 Guide

Later ahead you will need to push the Vikings back, again a long battle. You can use the poison in the mid of a Vikings crowds to take them down faster. But the next cut scene reveals an attack by Blackstone’s Legion knights on horse.

Mission 3.2 Thinning the Herd:

For Honor Chapter 3 Guide

In this mission you play for Ayu, one among five warlords who has to pass Apollyon’s test. He is Myre and he needs to hunt down his enemies. The mission begins with a short cutscene. You will need to defeat three Daimyo, it is the first objective. Now this one is a bit tough fight. As they will block your attacks. Block their guard and then attack constantly. After killing them all, Ayu tries to convince others to unite and fight against Apollyon.

Mission 3.3 Picking up the Pieces:

For Honor Chapter 3 Guide

The objective of this mission is to raid Vikings, which begins with finding Ayu. In path there is Viking soldiers that you will need to deal with. Fight with them and later move ahead for the next objective to kill Viking chieftains. The next objective is to head towards the docks and kill the enemy forces there. The important part is to break Vikings shield guard that offers you a good amount of time to attack.

Mission 3.4 Unity:

The objective of this mission is to take down Warlord Seijuro in Imperial palace. The Orochi needs a way inside to break within for the final battle. So the first objective is to reach the main gate. There is a entrance on the right. When you break down the door fight with a samurai and head towards the gate. Look for breakable doors to make way inside.

For Honor Chapter 3 Guide

You have to deal with a wild elephant whose damage can be controlled by using Y, the way is to taunt him and then dodging the way out of him. There will be solders also attacking you. You can keep running on the right and left liver of gate and then calling him back. First let the elephant stand at a distance and then taunt it near the door to break the iron cages over it. once the cages are down taunt the elephant attack towards the door to break it.

For Honor Chapter 3 Guide

The next objective is to push the enemies to the plaza. So there will be a lot of fighting around. You can use poison traps in the main hall to take down multiple, the bigger one are bit tougher so focusing on them will be resourceful. Next objective is to capture the archers so that your soldiers can advance more inside. finally kill the ambushers in the end and search for Seijuro for a final fight.

Tips to defeat Seijuro:

  • His sword attack is lethal and he is capable of dodging back. For maximum damage walk a bit behind to skip his sword attack and then attack at him. This will give you a small gap to test a few combos.
  • Next block his guard, remember he can roll over and attack, so avoid staying much near. Blocking his attack also give you time to attack him.

Mission 3.5 Honor:

Finally at the end cut scene the troops move toward the Ashfeld. The first objective is to kill the knight patrols. You can locate them on the radar. Kill them one by one. There is enough space around, so you can run back and then find and follow Momiji. The next mission is to secure the castle. This will be a long fight as there are many soldiers below.

For Honor Chapter 3 Guide

The next objective is to escort Momiji to the bridge, you have to move ahead and fight the enemies in between. Don’t leave Momiji behind. As you kill them she will move ahead with you. Ahead you need to guard her form the attacks. Later objective is to fight with Warden.

Tips to defeat Wardern:

  • Warden has a sword and it can break your guard to attack you. You can attack by blocking her attacks and then using a heavy one from the left or right side.
  • Doesn’t attack if she blocks, you can get hit hard. The best way is to block and then break her guard and attack when you have chance. She is capable of breaking your combos also. So take your time to move back.

Mission 3.6 Apollyon:

For Honor Chapter 3 Guide

This one is the final mission where samurai heads finally towards the fortress. Apollyon finds her plans failed and attacked. The next objective is to destroy the catapults and then follow the army to the citadel. Later the next objective is to destroy the reinforcement doors which are around 4 of them. you can use arrows to destroy them. finally defeat all the remaining enemy and then follow Okuma. Go toward the tower and help Okuma, who opens a door and you need to reach on the top of tower to Reach Apollyon. This one is the final battle. It will be a long fight.

Tips to defeat Apollyon:

  • Use poison to shun her down for a while and then attack. Use heavy attacks. This will take few blows to cause damage, but she will try to escape.
  • Now in the next part you will have to use block and attack her. It is bit tough to fight on the stairs. But still poison traps can work here.
  • In the final fight you have enough open space to dodge attacks. Staying away from her is one way to save health.

The game ends with a cutscene at the end. You can read For Honor Wiki for more guides and tips.