For Honor Tips On Choosing Best Heroes and Faction

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For Honor, an action fighting games have three factions right now with 4 Heroes each. All holds separate statistics, the way of fighting and weapons. You can choose an individual hero and play the game. This guide will help you to figure out which one is the best. Well, the way of battle plays a vital role in win and defeat. Anyhow even if you even choose the strongest one, your attack speed can determine how fast you can end the enemy.

For Honor Faction

For Honor Factions:

For Honor Knights Emblem

Knights: Living in Ashfeld, sent by Iron Legions to fight for peace. The 4 hero that belongs, to this category are:

The Conquerors: Highly Effective Defensive Mode

  • Fighting Style: Defensive
  • Difficulty Level: Medium

The Conquerors uses a shield and Flail. They feature a charge attack for a good amount of damage on the opponent. It remains uninterrupted in revenge mode, which can parry and throw enemies down. You can use Superior Block and Superior Block Heavy attacks as a counter-measure against any opponent. Flail is a slow weapon with a high impact. Shield on the other side can block attacks well. Health on Block is a useful feature in the battle that helps a lot. Conquerors are the strong opponent against Raider and Warden.

The Wardens:

  • Fighting Style: Adaptable
  • Difficulty Level: Easy

Wardens are good for beginners, they have an adaptable straightforward fighting style. It only uses the single weapon that is a long sword. One positive thing about this Hero is it gains health and stamina while killing enemies. So you need to less worry about the same. two more features that can help in battle is Takedown, where it can throw the enemy on the ground, or you can use that to push your opponents from an edge, second Thick blood that helps you to gain immunity against usual blood damage. Wardens are good against Raiders.

The Peacekeepers:

  • Fighting Style: Short Range Counter-Attack
  • Difficulty Level: Medium

The Peacekeepers are assassins class a warrior, who uses swords and dagger. If you are good at controllers, you can fight well using this hero. Remember their attacks go well if you are near to an enemy, so this can be lethal sometimes. Due to high mobility and defect ability you get enough time to dodge heavy attacks from opponents. Peacekeepers are good against Samurais and Conquerors.

The Lawbringers:

  • Fighting Style: Powerful Counter-Attack, can disable enemies for a while
  • Difficulty Level: Hard

Lawbringer uses a Poleaxe that gives a long range attack in battle. Also, it can stun the enemy or off-balance them for a while, so you have enough time for a second attack. Almost all attacks are uninterrupted, which gives less chance to opponents. But do remember, their strength can be their weakness as it takes a bit time to use the weapon. Also, the movements are slow here, so you have to be very particular of your location in the battle. A powerful choice against Warlords and Conqueror.

For Honor Samurai Emblem

Samurai: Driven from their ancestral homes they now fight in the foreign land for honor. The 4 hero that belongs to this category are:

The Kensei:

  • Fighting Style: Adaptable with good Melee Range
  • Difficulty Level: Medium

Uses Nodachi a classic Katana, a long sword. Similar to Wardens, Kensei gains stamina and health by killing soldiers. It can be used for multiple chain attacks that can offer you a good edge over the opponent. Enemies are vulnerable to high heavy attacks by Kensei. A good opponent against Warlord, Peacekeeper, and Orochi.

The Shugoki:

  • Fighting Style: Hard Hitter
  • Difficulty Level: Easy

Shugoki uses a Kanabo, a powerful weapon to cause very high damage. But remember that it recoils slowly, that let Shugoki vulnerable against counter attacks. One plus point about this hero is it has a high amount of health, so it can fight for longer time. If you are having the horde of enemies ahead, Shugoki is the best choice to clear the crowd. Similar to Conqueror, Shugoki is slow in movement and attack. A powerful opponent against Warlord and Valkyrie.

The Orochi:

  • Fighting Style: Assassin
  • Difficulty Level: Hard

The Orochi is a powerful hero who uses Katana with a swift lethal attack. Capable of aerial attacks, and features capability that can cause low stamina regeneration of enemies around. also uses Kiai that can stun nearby enemies with the scream, and can apply combos to take them down. Orochi also carries different bombs that can helpful in battle. A good opponent against Warden and Peacekeeper.

The Nobushi:

  • Fighting Style: Longest Attack Range.
  • Difficulty Level: Hard

Nobushi uses Naginata a long weapon with a blade on the end. Almost all attacks are uninterrupted in revenge mode. It can also use a Fire Trap to damage health of enemies. You can use it for speed and high damage. As you can perform combos easily due to the swiftness. A good opponent against Peacekeeper and Orochi.

For Honor Vikings Emblem

Vikings: Undisputed masters of sea and water, powerful and fearsome. The 4 hero that belongs to this category are:

The Berserkers:

  • Fighting Style: Short Range Fast Attack.
  • Difficulty Level: Hard

The Berserkers uses an axe in each hand. They can swiftly dodge attacks, and charge against the enemy. The best part of this hero is a capability to run multiple chains of attacks. The infinite uninterrupted chain gives the power to perform a chain in a line, after crossing 4 it turns uninterrupted with low stamina consumption. A powerful opponent against Peacekeeper and Orochi.

The Raiders:

  • Fighting Style: High Damage Attacks
  • Difficulty Level: Easy

The Raiders share stats with the Lawbringer. It uses a long axe that offers a good range but can be slow in the battle for the second attack. The Raiders can throw a high damage attack and stun an opponent. That offers a window for another attack, a good choice when you are dealing with strong enemies. A good opponent against Peacekeeper and Orochi.

The Warlords:

  • Fighting Style: Short Range Counter Attack
  • Difficulty Level: Medium

Warlords use a shield and sword. You can plan a good defensive fight here. It is capable of blocking all heavy and light attacks. Superior Block Light Attacks is a good against all kind of light attacks. A good opponent against Peacekeeper, Nobushi, and Orochi.

The Valkyrie:

  • Fighting Style: Complex Combos and attack with the shield.
  • Difficulty Level: Medium

Valkyrie uses a spear and shield. it is capable of good takedowns and can utilize the shield against an attack of enemies. You can use it for various combos that will help you to deal with heavy and light attacks. It is good to penetrate into crowds and reach further even if you are surrounded. A good opponent against Peacekeeper and Orochi.

For beginners playing with Warden can help you to understand the game mechanism. Warden gives you a straightforward strategy to attack the enemy. But as your ace in the controls, you can go ahead with Nobushi, It offers you a long range attack with poison usage. You have to two ways to damage opponent’s health. But this can be annoying for others, as poison is the easy way to slow them down. You have an edge by using combos and take them down if you are a Nobushi. Peacekeeper and Berserker both carry two weapons, they are ideal for short range attack. You can take benefit of the mobility and the combos. That can help you to dodge fast and attack against those who are slow. But if you want to play defensive then go with Warlord.

For the best possible hero, you can go with Lawbringer. Because of its features and a way it way it attacks. It can make the opponent off-balance that gives you enough time to levy an another attack. Second, it can also block and guard well. It also carries a decent amount of health that let you play longer. For high damage, The Shugoki is pretty powerful, with a few blows it capable of consuming around 15 to 25% of opponents health. Although it is slow when it moves, you can use it well against a crowd and powerful bosses. One low point about Shugoki is that after the attack it opens a good window for samurais or those heroes who have speed to counter attack.

For more guides, tips, and information on the game you can checkout our For Honor Wiki, that also includes a full story mode walkthrough.