For The Werak Walkthrough – The Frozen Wilds DLC

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In the previous quest Into The Shaman’s Path, after meeting Ourea, Aloy moves further to find answers. She came to know about some Daemonic control over the machine that is turning them rogue, in this part For The Werak, where in order to enter the Thunder’s Drum, to know more about herself Aloy has to challenge Aratak.

For The Werak

Waterlogged Side Quest Walkthrough

If you had any plans to play a side quest before entering into the main you can start with Waterlogged. There are many other unlocked, this one is pretty long and you will get one trophy. As the quest begins head to the lake, and kill Daemonic Snapmaws. This will increase your character Level also. And you can use upgrade points to get new skills.

Kill Snapmaws

After that you will have to follow the river upstream, and from your right end you will reach an area with multiple openings. You will have to locate the entrance, follow the marker, and you will see a broken well, enter the hole in it and then go to the Control Room. Climb up, and on the right you will see next entrance you will reach to the control center. As you explore the place, on your left end, you will spot a bunker door. Go through that and you have to find the source of shouting. This will lead you to another door, open it and there will be a cut scene about Gildun. Talk to him for info about artifact.

Gate 1 Flood

After agreeing for help, follow him, and climb up, from the left enter the broken metal grill, you will find stairs on your right, go up and walk straight to the end, you have to jump on the right end and go outside you will reach the other side. Grab the valve on your left and then rotate the valve near the waterfall. Once the gate is down, rotate the valve once again and done. Follow Gildun, and you will have to find path to the second gate. Turn right from where Gildun is standing and you will see a metal platform, jump on it and then jump on the extreme left end, then keep moving left by jumping over metal rods. Then go up and you will find two valves near the last stairs. Push the valve to bring the gate down, then go up. There is a path from the right side, there will be another stairs on your right, go up and then cross look on your left for a small tunnel. Once you come out go down, and cross the broken fan. This will take you to the other side.

Gate 2 Flood

Next you will have to find counterweight, turn around and you will see broken pipes pointing towards a metal platform. Jump on it, and climb up, on the top, then slide towards the right and climb more up till you reach a platform. Next you have to jump down and use a rope to land on the counterweight. Get back to valve. After that you will have to kill Snapmaw, as the water dries up. Once it is dead recover the emitter and then get to the Control Center. once you reach near the bunker door, you will have to play a puzzle, similar to drawing power here you have to connect the pipes to dry out the remaining water. Use focus to track down the valves in your path and rotate them clock or anti-clockwise to adjust the water flow. Follow Gildun towards the control room, use the emitter to restore power to the door. You will have to rotate Holo Lock, on the basis of pattern on the extreme left to open the door.

Reach The Basin

Once you are in, you will have to find a Power Cell that you can find on the left side, get back to Gildun and talk to him. Get to the next marker to replace the power cell. After the cut scene you will have to reach the Basin. You have to get out of this area, so you can try out a fast travel point to save your time, near to the point you will find the basin. Get inside, and you will find Laulai. There will be a short cut scene. This completes the Quest.

For The Werak Walkthrough

Clear the Bandit Camp:

Bandit Camp

As the quest begins, if you talk to Burgrend you will unlock a new side quest The Hunters Three. You can update this in your log, for the main quest For The Werak, in order to prove yourself for the Werak, you have to clear out the Bandit Camp as one of the sub-objectives. Head to the camp and at the entrance can the bandits first you will have a judgment of how many are there. Quietly move ahead from the right end side, not from the main entrance, try to spot down the locations of Bandits and kill them quietly. You will have to find and kill the Leader. If you are tracked down, you will be attacked from all corners, so you can play this mission in stealth mode by hiding in the grasses around and reaching near the Leader. After killing the soldiers on entrance, you will have to move deeper, into the camp and you will spot the leader.

Bandit Leader

He will order a search, and the leader has a powerful weapon. So you have to stay out of the range, take down the warriors first. Try out a Fire Arrow on the leader. Use Blast Bombs on the warriors. The leader will have a high health bar and his weapon will throw up huge fire on you, so try to dodge his attack. After killing him take his Weapon Forgefire and the remaining bandits.

Challenge Aratak:

Challenge Aratak

Once you are done completing the sub objectives that including one quest by Sekuli and fixing Tallneck, you will have to head to the final one of challenging Aratak. There will be a cut scene where you will find Ourea and Aratak are related. Talk to her to get more details and then go to Frostfigures. There will be many beasts in your path, after dealing them you will have to talk to Ourea.

Complete the First Challenge Before Aratak:

As the challenge begins, you will have to be fast, climb up over the mountain, you have to reach the top as fast as possible. look for rocky edges that will help you to reach on top faster. You will find wooden branches that will lead you far above. There is a timer, before which you will have to reach the top side. keep following the paintings, and climb up. Once you are up, talk to Banuk Observer. He will ask you to kill down the herd of Daemonic Machines below. Use your new weapon Forgefire for faster progress. Once done, launch the balloon.

Complete the Second Challenge Before Aratak:

Kill Bellowback

To complete this challenge you will have to kill Two Bellowbacks ahead, ignore all the other machines. Reach the challenge site, and you will spot the moving machines. Scan to locate Bellowback. There are other machines also. Use focus to scan down them and the first one is easy to kill. Shoot the glowing parts, keep dodging other machines. You can simultaneously attack both the machine side by side, this will save a bit of your time. and keep dodging around so that you won’t lose much of your health. Stay behind the Bellowback. After killing launch your balloon.

Complete the Third Challenge Before Aratak:

Kill Frostclaw

Once you reach the third challenge site, you will have to kill down three Frostclaw. The machines are massive and fast. Try targeting one at a time. dodge and escape their attack range and then shooting. As there is no time limit here, this will be a long fight, try killing down the machines one by one. use some bombs on the machines to slow them down. Bombs are highly effective against these enemies.

Once the fight is over, Aloy becomes the Chieftain, and this completes the quest. Some side quests will also unlock, you can read our walkthrough on the next quest or you can also go through our Horizon Zero Dawn Wiki for more guides and tips on the game.