Forge of Winter Ending Walkthrough – The Frozen Wild

Horizon: Zero Dawn

In the previous quest Into For The Werak – Aloy was able to become Chieftain of Banuk Tribe and now she can go to Thunder’s Drum. In this part, you will find two side quests, The Hunters Three, and Frontier Justice and later you can read the guide on the final quest Forge of Winter where Aloy with Ourea and Aratak enters the Cauldron to free up CYAN an AI.

Forge of Winter

The Hunters Three Side Quest Walkthrough

Hunters Three

Before heading to the final quest you can play The Hunters Three to gain some level and unlock more skills in the game. In this side quest, you will have to locate Young Werak Hunters. You will find Inatutu, talk to him for some info. You will have to locate the hunters pack and go with them. Before moving ahead, override the towers, there will be around three of them. After that kill the machines and collect Scorcher Claw. Then talk to Tatai. Once again talk to the Young Werak at the next encounter site, you will have to destroy a Daemonic Tower first because it will heal the enemies around. After that kill the machines, and collect Stalker Sinew. Once again talk to the hunter ground and you will be heading with them to the final part. There are three towers and a bunch of rogue machines. Kill the machines and get your part. Talk to Tulemak, and return to Burgrend. This completes the quest.

Frontier Justice Side Quest Walkthrough

Frontier Justice

Talk to Carja to begin this quest, after gathering enough info get to the Clearing and investigate the area. Scan the place and you will spot some bloodstain around examine it. Follow the Tracks, you will also encounter a few machines in the path. You will have to next investigate the area, at the extreme end there is a blocked path, just pick up the wooden gate and cross it. Next is to explore this area, climb up on the mountain for a cut scene. Next, you have to kill the assassins. Talk to Rukul, and then you have to find the proof of Inatut’s innocence. Turn around and look on the right end side, there are some tents and ahead trophies. Go the place and on your right, the trophy in the center will be the first point to examine and second near the weapons. After getting the items, go to Cloud-Shear and find Inatut. You will have to fight machines here, after killing them you will find Inatut behind the rock, scan the area to locate him. More machines will appear, kill them all and then talk to Inatut and then get to Kopilai. Use a fast travel point here. Next once again talk to Inatut to complete the quest.

Firebreak Side Quest Walkthrough

In this quest, you will be heading to Thunder’s Drum, after which you can play the final main quest of Frozen Wild DLC. Talk to Ourea, after having enough info, you will have to pick Ascend to Thunder’s Drum to move further in the quest. Once inside you will have to reach the Cauldron Door. Run until the end and you will find stairs, jump on it and keep going up you will have to use the machines to climb to reach your next marker. This place has a lot of machines. After fighting with the, go towards the door.

Cauldron Door

After the cut scene, you will see there are many machines in the path, you can pick two paths here, to stay out of range it is best to move from the extreme right end side. let the Stalker pass, there is grass on the ground where you can hide and slowly reach towards your objective. Track down the path of Stalkers, and slowly move ahead. There are also mines, avoid them at all cost, if you step near it, it will raise an alert. Once you are out of the Stalkers area, take the first left. Go down, and you will see a locked door. Cross the door and you will see a Holo Projector. Activate it, and watch it. Next progress towards Cauldron Door and kill the machines around and then override the door. A Daemonic Thunderjaw will appear to kill it. As usual, you will have to target the glowing part of the massive machine, use the rope caster to immobile the machine for some time, then shoot the glowing parts to break it down. This will take a good amount of time, by locking him through ropes you have chances to move around the machine and break it down. Once killing them get to the door and it overrides it. This completes the quest.

The Forge Of Winter Walkthrough

This is the final quest of The Frozen Wilds, here Aloy is going to rescue CYAN, the spirit and learn more about the Daemonic nature of machines. Once you complete the above one, explore the Cauldron. As you reach the next marker you will have to help Aratak and Ourea to cross the Antechamber.

Explore Claudron Cable Claudron 2

Jump down and shoot at the glowing purple object. Climb through the glowing panels after shooting on top, you will see sparks coming out from one of the panels, wait there for a while to move the left side. Next, jump on the moving machines in the room and it will take you to the other side. jump down as you cross the defective part, and scan for the vent pipe. To climb up on the vent, you have to walk at the end and use the rotating machine, it will lead you on top and later you have to hang and move towards you right till you reach on top of the vent area. Override it, and then head to the next one. In similar pattern jump over the moving machines on top and jump down, to enter the path on your left, you will have to override the panel on the right.

Claudron 3

Help Ourea and Aratak, and then enter the newly opened path. there will be one more panel on your right side to override. After that activate the console. A new door will open up that will take you deeper into Claudron. Go inside and then take the door on your right, you have helped your allies to move through the production area. Again there will be a lot of machines in your path. move quietly from the right end side, use the consoles to activate bridges and keep moving. In case of no access, climb up to jump over on the other side. You will require activating all the bridges so that your allies can move towards you. This will also trigger the machines to attack.

Claudron Console

After dealing with them, cross the newly open path that will lead you to the bottom area of Claudron. You will have to activate the console on the right end side, so unlock the door ahead. This new door will lead you to another massive area with a lot of machines. Once again you will have to help your allies to cross this path. from the top you will spot a moving panel that will lift you up, to reach there you have to go down, on your left you will see a broken valve, shoot it and jump up. Move to the right and go down on a platform, next move right and climb on the platform that will take you up. Move to the next one, and then walk right and you will spot another one that will act as a bridge. There is then the third platform that will take you near to the rotating wheel. Finally, you will reach a console to override.

Claudron 4 Claudron 5

You will spot another area in a short cutscene where you have to move. keep moving towards the lava, and on the top right you will spot the valve, shoot it to stop the spark and climb over it. you will reach a panel that will shift outside, hang on it to move on another side. keep moving towards left, till you spot and kill a stalker. There will be another one left, after killing jump on the moving platform to reach the other side. now you have to jump over the moving machine to reach the console. Move to the next marker, and you will reach the Source Node. After activating once again you will have to play the power nodes puzzle, just rotating the nodes at clock or anti-clockwise to pass the current through the source node.

Go to the Cauldron Core:

Glaudron Core 1

The land will shake, you have to reach the core through the rocks around, go down and you will spot a cave cross through that and you will find a Daemonic Tower. Override it, and kill the Fireclaw. The enemy is pretty powerful. To cause high damage tied the machine in ropes and then attack. It will throw up a lot of fire attacks which is hard to dodge. This will constantly consume your health. Learn the attack patterns, after throwing up rocks it will slow down a bit that is the time you use ropes to slow him down. Keep shooting Fireclaw, after it frees himself, tie him up once again and keep attacking. Once more tower will appear, override it first and then get back into the fight. Towers will appear in between, you have to destroy them first, or else it will heal the machine. After killing Fireclaw override the Cauldron Core.

Escape the Cauldron:

After the cutscene, you have to escape the place, there will be a cutscene where you will see Aloy successfully escapes the place. Get to the Ourea’s Retreat. You can talk to CYAN for info about things going around. This could possibly a long conversation, next you have to talk to Aratak. This completes the quest.

This is the end of The Frozen Wild DLC, the story is extensive with long conversations, yet it is not compelling compared to Zero Dawn. For more such guides and tips on the game, you can read our Horizon Zero Dawn Wiki for more guides and tips on the game.