Fortnite Fort Building Guide: Create A Strong Base

Building a Strong impenetrable base in Storm Shield Missions will help you to increase your progress. Base building is not like a secondary work in Fortnite, it demands a bit of strategy to block the zombies who will soon overrun your fort. Now there are certain points that you can remember for progress. Gathering resources is another thing you will be doing frequently in the game. There are three main elements, Wood, Metal and Stone.

Base Building Fortnite

  • Wood: Ideal for platforms like floor, tilted roofs that can replace with stairs, etc.
  • Metal: Ideal for door, and platforms that can be used for traps.
  • Stone: Best for walls, and building base as it takes time to get destroyed.

As you are aware about these three elements, you have to ensure that you are always full with it. Because constructing base will require a lot of them. So when you are in the map do run around and gather all the resources first.

How To Build a Strong Base?

Fortnite Build Walls

Avoid wood structures, I know it will be fast and easy, but they are also very easy to destroy. Wooden buildings are the weakest one, there are Zombies who can throw out Arial attacks, and this will damage your structure in no time and will force you or your team-mates to keep on fixing them. So first thing is avoid woods.

Fortnite Collect Stone

Use Woods as flooring, and try to use the stone for the wall, the metal will be too costly for this. Stones are easy to locate in forest areas. Depending on the map you can simply choose stones to build up reliable walls so that Zombies will take the time to break this. Wood can be used on the floors.

Fortnite Build Roof

Next use the Metal in the roof; they will also take a bit long time to get destroyed by Arial attacks. Metals are a lot more durable compared to stone and wood but they are most available in cities. And when you are in a Storm Shield mission you might be in a hilly area. So you can optimize them best at roofs. Use woods for stair-case and platforms to reach higher platforms.

Start building a structure near the base first, keep it small and strong. Next, comes the location around the base, Zombies can spawn from any direction. So what you can do is create an access like a lobby, from where Zombies can enter to attack you. Do not just block their path, they all will stand at one place and keep breaking things. Instead, make a lobby for zombies to enter, and on the path use various traps, like spikes, fire, etc. Use stone floorings here. Create it around the base. If you can make around four entrance lobbies to cover all the four directions then you have more chances to survive for a longer time.

This will act as an extra line of defense. You can create a tall platform where you can stand keep shooting them who are reaching near to the base. At this point using upgraded weapons can help you a lot.