Best Survival Tips For Beginners – Fortnite Battle Royale


Fortnite Battle Royale mode is live, and you get a chance to participate in a competitive fight against players worldwide. This free PvP mode is an open ground for about 100 players to right against each other on a massive map. The last one standing wins the game. In this guide, we bring you some top suggestions for this mode. The tips will help you to progress well in the game and stay alive for a longer time.

Battle Royale Tips

Battle Royale Beginners & Surival Tips:

The mode is very much similar to PUBG, where at the start players will land up on a massive island from a battle bus. Players can pick weapons from various locations, set traps and indulge in face to face combat. Well, there are certain things you need to take care about if you are new to this game. Killing must not always be your objective, staying alive matters the most. Our below tips are based on that.

Points To Remember:

  • Battle Royale Mode features 100 player grounds, a co-op survival sandbox game where the last one alive wins.
  • You can play single or you can play with a group of friends in a team.
  • Each players starts empty, later they can earn items through loot or by killing other players.
  • Crafting is enabled in Royale Mode, after gathering resources, players can build up structure for defense, and stairs to reach high areas.
  • Keep watching the Storm Eye, a shrinking boundary, if you touch it, you will face damage. you can quickly die out of it.
  • Crouch wherever possible, open doors are an indicator that someone is in the building.
  • Try out traps, upgrade the weapons to highest rarity point to get more damage.
  • If you are playing in a team, stay together, do not spread around.

Landing Zone:

Fornite Landing Zone

There are two zones that you can plan to land upon when you enter the game. First to pick a populated area and reaching the loots first so that you can sure shot get a weapon and sometimes you can get a stronger one. second, you can try to a bit outskirt of the island, a less populated area that gives you more survival chances as there are fewer players. At this point, you will have to walk towards the houses to find weapons and slowly you can head to the circle. So you have to choose things wisely. Landing in populated is always risky because players can appear from nowhere. Do keep an eye around. You can land on houses roof, break them and get inside. Weapons spawn randomly there is no fixed place. Try to look over hills and mountains nearby you might spot a chest.

  • Loot everything and quickly. You can also loot items from died players. Always try to find a safe spot before going through your inventory, throw items you don’t needed.
  • You are more vulnerable when you are farming.
  • Whenever there is a chest around you will hear a sound.
  • From a distance try to locate chest on top of mountains or on roads.
  • Don’t panic if after landing you face a player, at the beginning no one will have a gun to shoot, you can run around use an axe to kill them.
  • While gliding down if you see too many players landed in the area, try to go a bit farther from there.
  • Chest will not only give you weapons, but bandages and gears.
  • If you plan to land on outskirts of the island, look around the lake and forest. There are caves and mines in the mountains.


Battle Royale Movements

  • If you had played PUBG before, then Fortnite will not be really new for you. This mode is very much similar, you are on a big island and you have to kill others to survive. Remember that building is an essential component here, you can create defensive structures and use them later to survive. Try to place walls near the area, it will help you to save yourself from heavy fire.
  • Try to find alternative paths, when you move in the building while taking fire, the opponent will wait for you at the exit. Players will be aware that you are in the building.
  • Don’t run around to escape from fire, instead find a cover, like a tree or a vehicle. Then take your time and shoot.
  • Do not shoot while running, it will waste your ammo, the best way to get sure hit is by crouching and taking aim.
  • Try to work on the shield part, carry additional with you, it will help you when the boundary shrinks. Once you can have higher health compared to opponents you can kill them easily.
  • Look for advance instead of jumping into a battle, if you see a group of players fighting, stay out of sight and see where you have advantage. Then attack. Once you draw attention you can become the target.


Fornite Building

The build is an essential component of Fortnite, and if you had played the game before this can be time-consuming. You must learn the building skills that will help you a lot to build cover when your circle gets small. In Battle Royale as the players die the circle will shrink and you will see yourself near to other opponents. At that point don’t rely on the environment objects, build covers, and remember their locations. You can set up spots of shelter around and use them when you are attacked.

  • Break rocks, trees, cars, anything to gather items for building.
  • Build covers around the map when the circle shrinks.
  • Build of walls around the area for cover, it give you a escape point with some moments to get ready if someone attack you from behind.
  • Instead of running around try to use the edges and corners to hide, peek through to locate other opponents, many will be running around. Take your time before entering into any room, look from the windows.
  • Corners is one of the most common plans where player’s can appear.
  • Use a good headphone, it will help you to know enemies direction. Like footsteps, you can crouch and wait for attack.
  • Save some resources to build a wall at the end, it is like an emergency defense structure. It is best to save some stone and metal, you must have atleast 300 of each. Keep them and when you are in a smaller circle build up a wall and then plan your attack.


Fornite Healing

Surviving for the longer time means to find more and more healing items. Royale Mode has three kinds of items under this category. Bandages are the most common, you can locate them in chest and drops. The second is medkit, you can only carry a limited one, but they reward you a decent amount of health compared to Bandages. The final one is Shield Potions, they are the rarest and the most important one. don’t ignore them at all cost, Shield potion act as an extra layer of health in the game. if you find a player that has a full health and shield that means sure death. Instead of fighting escape.

  • Bandage: +15 every time, but stops after Health reaches 75.
  • Medkit: +100, but you can only carry 3
  • Shield Potions: Most important pickup. Each add +50 Shield to a total of 100.


Fornite Weapon

Weapons in Royal Mode comes in five categories, Common (Gray), Uncommon (Green), Rare (Blue), Epic (Purple) and Legendary (Yellow). So when you are running around and if you spot something blue then you are lucky. Rare ones are very powerful weapons, they can be ideal when it comes to close combat. Due to good stats, the weapon offers you an easy kill compared to the lower categories. To begin with, it is necessary you should have a good assault rifle like Scar-L that is called as Siegebreaker or Equalizer. Highly impactful, the weapon can help you to have a good mobility and attack range. Royal Mode has two new guns in this category one is Deathstalker. If you landed on a Tactical Sub-Machine gun then you can rule the close combat range. Compared to assault rifle you have more firepower and impact here.

  • At the start if you found a Common Quality Weapon, one in gray, it is ok to start, but don’t rely on them, they do less damage and comes with less accuracy. Try to hunt for Blue.
  • Try to locate a Assault Rifle when you land, and keep hunting for it.
  • If you want to stay out of the crowd, get a Sniper. It falls in Rare and Epic category. There are two types one that comes with 1 shot and another one with 4 shots.
  • If you are lucky you can get Rocket Launcher a very powerful weapon with instant death for opponent. But beware ammo is low.

Map Strategy:

Battle Royale Maps

Reading map and marking up your navigation is necessary. It will contribute a lot in your winning. By understanding your exact location and other player’s heist you can plan whether to plunge in or stay for a while till you own a good weapon. The issue is with the shrinking circle that pushes players towards each other. Don’t depress if you get failed a few times in the beginning, the mode demands fast movement and strategy which will take some time.

  • Your objective must be to safely reach the centre of new circle, if you are ahead of a player you get a higher advantage of getting more items.
  • When you see the circle, you have to ensure that you enter it in a right way, coming up from a tough terrain or from a populated path can put it at risk. Try to locate a good spot through which you can swiftly enter.
  • If you want to explore try the high grounds, you get glimpse of player’s around you. The best way is to reach the top points by building and getting a good camping location.
  • There are many audio hints, so listen to them. This will help you to find an enemy or a chest around.