Four Most Important Tips for Galak-Z: The Dimensional Beginners

With the modern A.I and action shooting game Galak-Z offers the 16-bit open space expanse gameplay. In this Open space, the player have full control over the spacecraft and can feel the rainbow colored explosions all around the space. The game need both Stealth and Skill to defeat the enemy. So here is the Beginners guide for the Galak-Z.

Galak-Z: The Dimensional

You can often roam around in space searching for new places and explore new cool stuff. Enemies here are a little brutal so you need to be prepared to take them down with your missiles and the blasters. To do so you need to have a good strategy if you need to survive in space.

Don’t Fight Everyone you see:

After you are familiar with the flying skill and completing objective around in every level you can avoid some enemies. When you are short of missiles you can try sneaking you enemies as this will save your shield and missiles and you can use them in later big fights. Where some enemies which are guarding the destination or your fellow pilot then you must take them down. Keep in mind to save your ammo and shield to continue in missions do not be distracted by other enemies. Killing them is fun but they are not worth to waste your resources on.

Hint: You will be easily distracted by the out of the way ships and they can also inform the reinforcements(Backup).

Stock up your resources well:

When you have the chance to visit the shop and buy the item for your ship before starting the mission. Best thing to purchase is the Temporary shield which help when you take hits from the enemy ships. This shield is mainly used when you are facing the bosses. This shield acts like the guard(perma-shield) where ever your ship takes the hit. Buying missiles are good but make sure you don’t forget to buy the shield as the missiles won’t save you much in the outer-space.

Make a Smart Move:

Think twice before you start the battle against the enemies as we notified earlier that some enemies aren’t worth fighting. if you die in the middle of the season then you have to start all over again. This is why we want you to make a smart move before you start battling in space. The radar helps to know what kind of battle is going outside. During missions, target the smaller ships first as they can be easily handled. For the bigger ship, you should try attacking them from all sides and try to drain their health from every possible way. For exploration do not rush, you have all the time so plan and attack. The important thing to continue is to stay alive. :p

Mech-Robo Surprise:

After you end the season one successful you will unlock the Voltron-esque which can transform you ship into a robot. The robot can hit enemies with melee strikes. Stick and move as you require to plan and attacks even if you have the mech. Use your mech during the boss fights.

With This Guide, you will be able to last long enough and stay alive for different seasons :p