Friends in High Places Field Manual Location – Battlefield 1

Friends in High Places is the second Campaign Mission in Battlefield 1. Unlike the Through Mud and Blood, second War Story only contains 6 Field Manuls and they are very easy to locate. This guide will show you where exactly to find all 6 Field Manuals in this campaign mission. So without any further ado, let’s begin with the hunting.

Friends in High Places Field Manual Location

Field Manual Location in Friends in High Places

Fall from Grace

Field Manual 1

Look At the bombed-out structure off the beaten path while returning towards the friendly zone. Make your way around the structure to find a shed in the backyard which has the first Field Manual from the wheelbarrow next to the shed.

Field Manual 2

Head down the hill from the start towards a large fire in the center of the cluster of buildings. Once you get at the center, start looking for a shed behind the building at the corner, and can see the second Field Manual next to a giant muddy puddle of water.

Field Manual 3

While making your way through the ruined village you can see a tent on the right-hand side. Head inside to find rows of beds where the Field Manual can be grabbed from the crate next to the second row of beds.

Field Manual 4

From the trenches head down until you find an alarm tower near a very large tent. Follow the steps towards the right and you will find a set of wooden planks, so continue following and jump the trench gap. Have a good look at the pile of ruined crates just inside of No Man’s Land to find this Field Manual.

Field Manual 5

Inside the concrete bunker when following the trenches towards No Man’s Land you must head up the steps. Now get inside to find the crate containing this Field Manual.

Forte Et Fidele

Field Manual 6

Once you reach the are where fighting towards the Flak Gun, your main task is to look on the right-hand side of the path near the metal containers. You will spot a place where you can exit through to find this Field Manual waiting on the other side.

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