Frosty Kiss: How to change the appearance of text in dialogues


Frosty Kiss is a tiny piece of this holiday which will bring back the well-loved characters of the novel. Your heart will always be a place for celebration and feelings left by a kiss in the most important night of the year. This Frosty Kiss will show you how to change the appearance of text in dialogues.

How to change the appearance of text in dialogues

How to change the appearance of text in dialogues

In order to make the changes in dialogue styles you must make the following changes:

Step 1:

Create new file in Steam\steamapps\common\Frosty Kiss\game

Step 2:

Name it as ‘test.rpy’

Step 3:

init python:

style.say_label.outlines = [(0, “#000”, absolute(1), absolute(1))] # character name – add shadow

style.say_dialogue.outlines = [(1, “#333”, 0,0)] # character dialogue

style.say_thought.outlines = [(1, “#333”, 0,0)] # and character thoughts – add 1 pixel outline

Step 4:

You must have at least one whitespace character before ‘style’ words. All whitespaces should be saved into the file otherwise, you will end up with an error!

Step 5:

This will add a text shadow to your character names with strokes.

Step 6:


If you want to add color for the same styles then you must add this in the same file:

style.say_thought.color = “#000”

style.say_thought.outlines = [(1, “#fff”, 0,0)]

Make sure take backup of ‘00style.rpy‘ file which can be found in Steam\steamapps\common\Frosty Kiss\renpy\common.

Hope this guide was useful and if you have any doubt you can shoot them in the comments.