Galactic Assault Tips And Tricks – Star Wars Battlefront II

Star Wars Battlefront II has 6 modes in the Multiplayer section. Galactic Assault is one among the six modes. In Galactic Assault there will be to teams of max 20 players will be competing with each other. Once team will play the defensive part and other will attack. There will be various objectives on the basis of team status. The Attacking team wins the game if they are able to complete all the objectives. The defensive team can win if they can reduce the opponent teams respawn count to 0. So if you love to play this competitive mode in this guide you can find really valuable tips and tricks on the same.

Battlefront Galatic Assault

Tips And Tricks For Galactic Assault

Galactic Assault is an objective focus game mode. Playing is Team is a crucial part in this mode, you cannot just pick a team and run around killing everyone, the more you focus on the objectives and accomplish them with your team you earn good points and of course you can win the game. So we bring you some tips here that will help you in the mode.

Galactic Assault Back Story

Galactic Assault Story

Every time you participate you will find a back story, this is where the objectives comes in the picture. Look the intro cut scene at the start. It is necessary to understand the story on which the battle is based. This will guide you ahead in the game and it will be clear for you to understand what you have to do. The objectives are further divided into phases that advance on the basis of location. If you are in attacking team, it is necessary to complete the objectives fighting the defensive team. The defensive team on the other side has to stop the attacking team from achieving their goals.

Understand the Classes

Galactic Assault Classes

There are 4 classes in Battlefront II Assault, Heavy, Office, and Specialist. You must understand the best traits of these classes so that on the basis of game you can pick the one to play. If you are not clear about the classes it will be hard for you to plan your strategy and use abilities and weapons well against opponents. Other than these 4 classes there is a Heroes class also that is locked, you can get it by paying through credits. For the other classes below are the details you must know.

  1. Assault: In this class, you have the ability to mark the enemies, so that you can simply know where they are. You can also sprint faster and pull out a shotgun with no cooldown. So you have a huge advantage here in speed. This class is best when it comes to short-medium range attack. Having Assault class fighters can help you to clear your path in the battle field. Along with Vanguard Ability, you can move a lot faster.
  2. Heavy: As the name says this one will help you to draw out a huge fire on the opponents. The heavy class also ace in defending a position or simply fights and make its way out. The class is suitable for both attacking and defending the team. Players of this class can setup a portable turret to increase the defense, it helps to clear out multiple enemies in the area. Players under this class can also summon a combat shield that can help them to survive in toughest conditions.
  3. Officer: Players under this class can also deploy turrets. This can offer a cover-fire for those who are defending a location. The turret efficiency can be boosted by putting it near the objective location. Players in this class can also repair and detonate cannons. They can simply place it in the path where opponents are moving and detonate it.
  4. Specialist: Every team will require some Specialists, there are the snipers and the trappers. A player can simply clear the path for his team from a distance under this class by killing enemies from a long distance. You can also deploy traps to attack. This class is best for long range attacks. Infiltration ability in this class can offer you higher damage. The same ability will also make you invisible to the enemy, so you can always escape.


Galactic Assault Abilities

Every Class has some unique abilities which will act as an extra power for players in the game. So when you are picking up the abilities it is essential you must know what to do with that and how it works. It is of no use if you mindlessly keep shooting around, Galactic Assault has a huge crowd, so if you need an edge then the abilities comes into picture. It is extremely necessary to master them. They can be key to your win in the game. The abilities will not only help you, but it will also be a boon for other team mates in certain cases. Understand the controls of abilities whether you are playing on a console or PC. For example the Vanguard ability under Assault class offers extra power to the shotgun for some seconds. The abilities have a cool down time, you have to wait to use it again.

Star Cards:

Galactic Assault Star Cards

Star Cards system in Battlefront II is one of the main progressions forms. These bring major changes to each class. The Star Cards can determine your abilities and the equipment you will carry different multiplayer matches. The card you pick will have a direct impact on your strength and play style. They are divided into two categories, Boost Cards and Abilities Cards. The first one brings various enhancements while the second one offers you new equipment and tools. You can get the cars through crates, or you can unlock it using credits.

Stay With The Team:

Galactic Assault Team Game

If you are less experienced in Galactic Assault try to stay with the team, there are many benefits of this. When you are in a group teammates you have the cover, and you can decide your range of attack. There will be with three players after re-spawn. You can earn extra points for this, you can follow the squad mates for objectives also. Other squad mate’s abilities will also help you to survive for the longer time in the fight.

So these are some essential tips you can try out in Galactic Assault, to summarize in the end, you must start with finding up Star Cards if they are hovering around in the spawn area. Play the Objectives as soon as the game starts. Stay near the team mates, the more of you survive the easier you can win. Spend the Battle points wisely on required things. Do share your best tips. For more updates on the game, you can also read our Battlefront II Wiki Guide.