Gauntlet: Slayer Edition Trips and Tricks for Beginners

Gauntlet: Slayer Edition is a reboot to the earlier version of Gauntlet which was launched for PC. The Gauntlet: Slayer Edition will have the same old-school arcade version of co-op multiplayer action gameplay. Even if it is a reboot, the concepts remain the same but an addition to it we have new special attacks and huge dungeons to explore.

Gauntlet: Slayer Edition

This new version will add some new realm, modes and monsters, so you need to pick your players wisely. The Four players you can select are the Warrior, the Wizard, Valkyrie and the Elf. The game starts with a new a new story followed with the hero and his weapon abilities with customization included. To survive in the world of Gauntlet here are few tips and tricks for beginners.

Choose your Character:

It is very important to know your characters before you begin with story mode and start the survival. Every Character in Gauntlet is very unique and each has his own combat style. Wizard is good with the magic attacks but has a poor health. Elf Is good with small attacks like shooting arrows and throwing bombs in a single shot. The Warrior is good with his Axe, his special move which makes him a lethal weed-whacker. Last but not the least The Valkyrie hits multiple enemies at once. Extra player “The Necromancer” which can be unlocked after the purchase of $4.99 excluding the game price. This player can be used to summon assistant which includes the archers and the ghost.

If you are searching for a character with more of striking abilities you should go for the Warrior or the Valkyrie. If you are searching for a character with for of distant attacks then you better pet a Wizard or an Elf to do the job. Stick with the player and if you find you don’t like it then change and see what others have to offer. The Character you choose will play a key role in the Game. So choose wisely.

Building Strategy:

If your character dies in the game then you have two options either you use the skull coins which you have collected during your kills and collecting treasure in the game. And once you have used them up you can try to recollect some of them after your rebirth. The other way is to restart the game. This will end all the fun you had so far. So you need to build a good strategy to survive and use the coins wisely.

To start with, you need to keep a close eye on the health bar. If you have taken damage while fighting then the collect the food scattered throughout the stage, this will refill your health. You need to keep your health up for the long run and this can be only possible if you keep collecting foods. Also keep your Aly healthy, if he needs some food then stop being greedy and give then one.

Note: The Skull Coins are equally important as foods in the game, so search them while playing.


One of the best way to survive is to avoid the Death which pops up at any level in Gauntlet: Slayer Edition. If he touches you are killed that very moment. There are two ways to avoid Death first is very simple – RUN away. Use your characters Dash attacks to cut down the enemies in front of you and this will avoid him for a moment. The second way is to use the magic potion which you hardly find in the game. Whenever Death comes use the potion and you will have time to escape until he comes back.

Collect Gold:

Collecting gold is important as you need them when you buy items from the shop. Gold will also help you to shop and improve the Character’s gear and performance. Take your time, improve the looks and also use the customization option to use it on your character’s Armour.

Hope this was a useful guide. Enjoy.