Gears of War 3 Achievements List

Xbox 360 exclusive, “Gears of War 3” is schedule to launch late this year, however you don’t have to wait that long to get the details about all the achievements list in the game.

Just like any other Xbox 360 title, Gears of War 3 has a total of 50 Achievements. Players will achieve half of the achievements by playing through the game, whereas other half will be available in the multiplayer part of the game.

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We have listed below details of each and every achievements in the game, along with the tips and tricks to achieve to.

Marcus, It’s Your Father 5
Woke up from a Bad Dream

Swimmin’ in Glowie Gravy 10
Defended the Ravens Nest from Lambent Leviathan

We Struck Gold! 10
Fond food and ammo in Hanover

Welcome to Cougar Town 10
Defended and escaped from Cougar Stadium

Big Ass Headshot 10
Blew up the Lambent Leviathan from the Bridge

Where is that? 10
Discovered the location of Adam Fenix

Well We did Flood Them Out 10
Grabbed a Locust Gas Barge to travel to Anvil Gate

Thanks for Flying Gas Bag 10
Arrived safely, kinda, at Anvil Gate

The Bitch is Back 10
Defeated the Lambent Berserker

Good Driver Discount
Drove from Anvil Gate to Mercy

Brothers to the End 10
Escaped Mercy

Welcome to Griffin Tower 10
Found Enough fuel to get to Endeavor Naval Base.

Baird’s Favorite Kind of Toy 10
Launched the Sub

That Looks Like the Front Door 10
Passed Under the Maelstrom and Found Azura

Look at That, Instant Summer 10
Turned off the Maelstrom Device

Ok. Faith. Yeah. Got It. 10
Rescued Adam Fenix from captivity

We’ve Finally Got a Tomorrow 10
Saved Sera and killed Myrrah.

Ready for More 50
Completed all campaign acts on Casual or NOrmal difficulty.

Ain’t My First Rodeo 50
Completed all campaign Acts in Hardcore Difficulty.

Once More Unto the Breach 75
Completed all campaign acts on Insane difficulty.

Recovered 5 of 41 Collectibles

Pack Rat 10
Recovered 20 of 41 Collectibles

Hoarder 15
Recovered all 41 Collectibles

Remembered the Fallen 15
Recovered all 15 COG Tags

My Fellow Gears 50
Completed all chapters in Co-Op in any difficulty.

A Different Kind of Foursome 50
Complete all Acts in 4 player Co-Op on any difficulty.

Level 5 5
Reached Level 5

Level 10 10
Reached Level 10

Level 15 15
Reached Level 15

Level 25 25
Reached Level 25

Calling Your Shots 25
Completed 10 mini-challenges in Horde

First Among Equals 25
Was the highest scoring squademate in 5 chapters of 4 player co-op Arcade.

Don’t You Die on Me! 25
Reached a x20 team score multiplayer in 4 player co-op Arcade (any difficulty).

Award Winning Tactics 25
Collected an Onyx Medal

Seriously 3.0 100
You’ve Done it All

Back to Basic 5
Won a Training Grounds Match

Welcome to Versus 10
Killed 10 Enemies in any versus mode.

Welcome to the King of the Hill
Completed a match of King of the Hill (Ranked or Social)

Welcome to Team Death Match 10
Completed a match of Team Death Match (Ranked or Social).

Welcome to Capture the Leader
Completed a match of Capture the Leader (Ranked or Social)

Welcome to Execution 10
Completed a match of Execution (Ranked or Social)

Welcome to Wingman 10
Completed a match of Wingman (Ranked or Social)

Welcome to Warzone
Completed a match of Warzone (Ranked or Social)

Welcome to Horde Mode 10
Survived the first 10 waves of Horde.

Welcome to Beast Mode 10
Completed the first 12 waves of Beast.

Welcome to Arcade Mode
Completed 5 Arcade Campaigns chapters in co-op.

Rust Lung
Executed an infected player and is now turning Lambent.