Gears of War: Ultimate Edition – COG tags Location Guide and How to Locate them

Gears of War: Ultimate Edition was released worldwide for Xbox One on 25th August 2015 and soon will be released for PC as well. This means again you have to side task to collect the COG tags throughout your adventure. The one who have played the previous Gears of War game should find it very easy to collect all the tags in this Ultimate Edition. If you are new to the Gears of War series then check this guide, we have shared all the COG tags locations below.

Gears of War: Ultimate Edition

The majority of COG tags are located near a bloody Crimson Omen while sometimes you’ll need to look around a bit at least somewhere nearby or the other side of the room. There is a total of 33 COG tags to be collected just like the same old way.

Act 1: Ashes

Jacinto Maximum Security Prison

COG Tag 1:

At the very start after selecting between combat or training, walk forward in the next room and grab the first tag from under the red emblem.

COG Tag 2:

After you enter the large room with enemies, check under a staircase with the red emblem to the side.

COG Tag 3:

When the door is cut open and you get outside, head left to the red emblem then turn left to grab the tag.

Note: Do not hang around there as that section will automatically end before you can pick it up!

Trial By Fire

COG Tag 4:

When you head up the stairs at the start, check the nearby wall for your tag (far left of the next area with enemies to spot the red emblem).

COG Tag 5:

In the are where two emergence holes open, inside the room full of pillars. Close the second hole and look beyond it to find the tag.

Fish In A Barrel

COG Tag 6:

In the area where four emergence holes open, to your left in the corner near the ammo and grenades.

Knock Knock

COG Tag 7:

When you see a white van with the red emblem outside of Sovereigns, move left and you will notice the tag.


COG Tag 8:

At the hallway, After defeating them head back down the hallway to find this tag next to a display case and bloody footprints.

COG Tag 9:

After you encounter Rojas’ dead body, head right and you’ll see the tag is tucked behind a pillar.

China Shop

COG Tag 10:

At the start of the chapter, turn around and go to the corner at the right to find tags on your fallen comrade.

COG Tag 11:

As you reach the final door, you now need to head down with the Beserker. Check at the alcove to the left of it for the next tag.

COG Tag 12:

As you get outside after breaking the last door, head left and follow the wall to find the red emblem. Check behind the nearby block to grab the final tag of First act.

Note: Do this before taking out the Beserker.

Act II – Nightfall


COG Tag 13:

At the start of this chapter, go to the bottom of the stairs the tag is just beside the red sofa.

COG Tag 14:

After you cross the large room, head down the stairs and turn around, at the far end near the bins you will find the next tag.

COG Tag 15:

As you reach the Stranded Settlement, Head left and check behind the pillar boxes for the tag.

Lethal Dusk

COG Tag 16:

On your way to the Checkpoint 2, after you pass the burning cars head left and shoot he tanks to light up the shack. The next tag is inside the shack.

COG Tag 17:

When you use the spotlight to guide Dom with the other end of the street, turn the light towards the left to a wrecked car on the other side of the street. Now head down and cross the road to find the tag.

Dark Labyrinth

COG Tag 18:

As you reach the checkpoint outside after you get through the building head right and grab the final tag of Second Act.

Act III – Belly of the Beast


COG Tag 19:

The tag is just behind the building 3, head to the far end of the dock over the sea and collect it.


COG Tag 20:

The Area with Floorboards(which breaks beneath your feet), head right and follow the platform till the end and grab the tag.

Hint: If you fall then climb the ladder in the corner of the lower area.

Coalition Cargo

COG Tag 21:

At the Start, in the control room head down from the short steps and turn around you will notice the tags.

Darkest Before Dawn

COG Tag 22:

As you reach the platforms down, head straight along the right-hand path just before you head down the slope check the tag on the ground.

COG Tag 23:

After you slip down the slope and fight with the enemies, look at the right near the steps you will find your next tag.

COG Tag 24:

As you Find the Corpse(for the first time) check on your right and tag is behind the truck at the corner.

Act IV – The Long Road Home

Campus Grinder

COG Tag 25:

At the start, check on your right and climb up on the ledge. The tag is just behind the second step.

Bad To Worse

COG Tag 26:

At the start, head right to spot the red emblem(near an abandoned vehicle). The tag is just below the emblem

Imaginary Place

COG Tag 27:

As you enter the room with a desk and four pillars, you need to smash the desk and grab your tag.

Act 5: Desperation

Comedy of Errors

COG Tag 28:

Once you kill all the wretches at the old stranded homes you will head towards the garden. Head left where you see the Crimson Omen and the next tag is just behind the broken gates.

Window Shopping

COG Tag 29:

At the very start of the chapter, as you go through the doors and head upstairs. Just wait before you progress in the story head up the first stairs and go down from the second and you will find the tag on the ground.

Jurassic Proportions

COG Tag 30:

To pick this tag, you need to destroy the Brumak’s guns which are located near his arms. The tag is just behind the concrete guardrails where the Brumak first spawned.

Train Wreck

COG Tag 31:

As Jack opens the door to a passenger car. Walk into the passenger car and look to the left of the entrance to grab the tag.

COG Tag 32:

When you come near the passenger car with two turrets, climb the ladder to head inside of the car. The tag is on the opposite side of the omen(below the window).

COG Tag 33:

Once they’re clear the bunch of cylinders from the fifth passenger, Turn left to go inside that car. Go inside the door bu pushing the green button to its side and you’ll find the final/Last tag.

Hope you Find all the COG tags with this guide. Enjoy…