Mission 8 General Distress Walkthrough – Star Wars Battlefront II

In the last mission Royalty, Commander Iden Versio and Agent Meeko fly to Theed to protect the city. You play this mission as Princess Leia. After securing the city the Princess already knows that both of them are Empire’s Inferno Squad. In this mission, the Princess ask Iden to find Han Solo on Takodana. In this part, you will be playing Han Solo finding information and then fighting an Imperial Light Cruiser.

Battlefront General Distress

Mission 8 General Distress Walkthrough

Collect Information About Paldora:

You will be playing as Han Solo in this objective. After talking to Maz, you will have to gather three clues of information.

First Information

First Info: Look on the extreme end, near the window, you will see a white marker go there and talk to the aliens, you will get the first information.

Second Information

Second Info: For the second you will have to go down, take a left from the place where you talk with two aliens, you will see stair and next to that another one that will take you down. You will find the man with the beard on a table.

Third Info: After talking to the guy go upstairs, follow the same path from where you enter, there will be stairs that go upstairs. Refer the above image. Go up and get outside in the gallery of castle look on your right, the man is standing near the wall. Talk to him and you get the final clue about Paldora.

Speak to the Bearded Man Drinking Merenzane Gold on the Top Floor:

Meet Paldora

Now return to the upstairs area, and look on the right end. There will be two men on a table and Paldora is talking about Merenzane Gold.

Get Paldora Out of Here:

Escort Paldora

Now you will have to escort him safely out of the place, walk slowly and he will follow you. You have to walk towards the blue marker. The guy is quite slow, do look back when he is following you so that you won’t miss him.

Reach the Generator:

Rech The Generator

Walk towards the marker, and you will see lots of stormtroopers. To move ahead you will have to kill them all. Do not ambush into the palace, instead take cover and keep shooting. Han Solo has three abilities, Detonite Charge, Sharpshooter, and Shoulder Charge. You can use them in the fight.

Locate the Republic Intelligence.

Republic Intelligence

Kook on your right near huge pipes, you will find a crate, open it and you will get the Republic Intelligence. More stormtroopers will appear and you will have to fight them.

Reach the Lovely Shrine:

Kashyyyk Intelligence

To get the Kashyyyk intelligence, reach the Lovely Shrine. There will be troopers in your path, so watch and move. once you reach the shrine you will see more troopers ahead. Kill them all. You can take cover behind the rocky walls around. For the data, look for the structure in the above image in the area and open the crate inside it. Once you get the data, more stormtroopers will appear. Kill them.

Get to the Falcon:

Escaping the troopers head to the falcon. You will have to face many troopers in your path, so you have to move safely. Once you reach the Falcon you will have to help the Chewbacca. Kill the remaining troopers in the area first. Keep fighting the enemies till the ship is ready to fly. More ships will land with re-enforcements. Keep fighting, and then Iden joins the fight. once done, reach near the ship.

Falcon Mission:

Falcon Mission

You will be controlling the Flacon now, there are three abilities, Afterburner, Special Modification and Dual Concussion Missiles you can use in the combat. Shoot down the TIE fighters.

Destroy the Imperial Light Cruiser:

Imperial Cruiser

There is a enemies Cruiser, you will have to target that along with fighting the TIE fighters. Try to fly a bit away from the cruiser and keep on targeting the cruiser. You will have to fly around a number of time to finally bring down the cruiser, avoid the TIE fighters. There are cannons on the ship, shoot them to block its attack. Once you are done with the Cruiser, you have to eliminate all the TIE fighters.

After eliminating all the TIE fighters, there will be a cutscene where Princess talks to Han Solo. This is the end of this mission, you can read our walkthrough on the next Mission 9 Under Covered Skies. For more such guides and tips on Battlefront 2, you can read our Star Wars Battlefront II Wiki guide.