How To Get Bayek’s Hair And Beard Back In Assassin’s Creed Origins

Assassin’s Creed Origins is out now worldwide and those who have already started playing it they can recollect that at the start of the game Bayek makes an appearance with Beard, Hair, and Hood however as you make progress in the game a sequence appears where Bayek’s wife shaves his head and beard. I literally fell in love with the Hair and Beard look of Bayek and so when I saw Bayek in full clean-shave avatar I was left a bit disappointed and this made me look for a way to get the Hair and Beard back on Bayek. Did I get successful? Yes, it is possible for all Assassin’s Creed Origins players to put back Bayek’s Beard and Hair. All you need is press few keys simultaneously on your controller.

Bayek Hair And Beard - How To Get Them Back

How To Get Bayek’s Hair And Beard Back

In order to bring back Hair and Beard back on Bayek, you need to go to PAUSE the game and GO TO THE GEAR MENU. Now in the Gear Menu press the following keys on your controller:

  • Press “RT + Y” for the Beard (on PS4 use R2 + Triangle)
  • Press “LT + Y” for the Hair (on PS4 use L2)
  • Press “Y” to change HOOD while selecting an outfit

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