How to get blood in Vampyr | Blood Sucking Guide and Tips

Vampyr is an open world RPG game where players play as Dr. Jonathan Reid in fictional 1918 London as a vampire. In Vampyr players need to suck blood/collect blood from different people and enemies to increase your own life and to also unlock new skills and stats. It is part of the vampire life and it also has an effect on the citizens of London and should be done with care. Sucking blood requires certain steps but once you know how to do it will be easy. Without any further ado, this How to get blood guide will help you get blood in Vampyr.

How to get blood in Vampyr

How to Easily Collect Blood

Sucking blood is what Vampires do. Sucking blood helps them survive and get stronger. In Vampyr it will level up different abilities and stats, but will also alter life in London. Here are the steps how to suck blood.

Embracing Victim

To get blood from a citizen start by starting a conversation with them. In the upper left corner, they will be a mesmerize button press it to begin leading them along the blood path. Before you do this make sure Dr. Reid’s Mesmerize Level compared to the victim should be higher or else the attempt to mesmerize won’t work. The Mesmerize level is shown beside the head icon with the hand on top. Higher the mesmerize level, more XP you will get. Then take them to a dark place so that you will not be seen embracing them to death. When you are in shoddy place with no one around then you can suck their blood.

Note: Sucking Blood is a good way of earning XP fast.

Collecting Blood in Combat

When you are fighting enemies you can suck their blood only after you immobilize them. To immobilize them you first need to stun the enemy with your off-hand weapon, which drain them of stamina. Look for the gray bar below the enemy’s health bar during combat. When you hit an enemy and finish their stun meter, that is when a bite icon will appear that is when you make you move and bite. Sucking blood also fills up some of your health when you lose it.

Blood From Rats

If you need to fill your health bar a little, bit on a rat nearby. There are plenty of rats running around outside in the dark alleyways. Rats don’t offer as much as other sources compared to people or NCPs.

You should now know how to get blood in Vampyr, this should help you progress well in the game. Check out our other guide on How to get experience points and level up quick.