Where To Find Gladiolus, Prompto And Ignis – FFXV Comrades Location

This guide details Location of Gladiolus, Prompto And Ignis i.e. where to find exactly them in Final Fantasy XV. So let’s get started.

FFXV Where To Fin Gladiolus Prompto Ignis Location Guide

Final Fantasy XV Comradeshas many quests for which you will be rewarded with powerful weapons. Fighting with Gladiolus, Prompto, and Ignis and completing their respective quests: Shattering the Shield, Besting the Buddy, and Handing it to the Hand will let you have some great rewards: Samoji Katana, Piercing Bow, and Storm Lance polearm. In this Final Fantasy XV Comrades Location guide, we have mentioned where to find Gladiolus, Prompto And Ignis and how to get the powerful weapons from them.

Where To Find Gladiolus, Prompto, And Ignis

1: Gladiolus Location and how to get Samoji Katana

  • Location: Power Plant at Lestallum
  • Quest: Shattering the Shield
  • Reward: Samoji Katana

Gladiolus Message Prompt

Prologue: As you progress in Final Fantasy XV Comrades and enter the town you will be prompted with a message saying “Gladiolus has Arrived in Lestallum.” While not letting you have the perfect location of Gladiolus.

Where to Find (Location): When you reach to your First Outpost, get into the Compound and you will see Stairs on the left, which will take you to the Power Plant. Turn Left from there and there you will see Gladiolus standing with some group.

Get to Gladiolus and have a conversation. You will have to get training from him which is nothing but a Quest “Shattering the Shield”. As you will accept this challenge you will be fighting against him on the Bridge. In this challenge, you will have to make Gladiolus’s HP Zero. On defeating him you will be rewarded with Samoji Katana, which has 81 attack, 50 levels. There is a lot more to be known for Samoji Katana. Do refer to our Guide on Best Weapons Location and stats for detailed information on Samoji Katana.

Gladiolus Challenge Shattering The Shield Quest Gladiolus Challenge Shattering The Shield Quest Fight

NOTE: Don’t make a rush to the Power plant as Gladiolus will take some time to show up there with some more guys. And don’t worry he won’t be that easy to miss as he will be having a Question MARK “?” on his head.

2: Prompto & Ignis Location

Location: Power Plant at Lestallum

Prompto Fight Besting The Buddy Quest Ignis Fight Handing It To The Hand Quest


  • Prompto – Besting the Buddy
  • Ignis – Handing it to the Hand

Where to Find (Location): Both Prompto & Ignis are found at the same place as Gladiolus was, but after a couple of minutes, if you rush into the same place right after defeating Gladiolus.

Prompto Fight Besting The Buddy Quest Fight Ignis Fight Handing It To The Hand Quest Fight

Reward on Defeating

  • Prompto – Piercing Bow (65 Attack)
  • Ignis – Storm Lance polearm (55 Attack)

Note: Mostly after one mission you will be able to see them at the same place as Gladiolus. They might even take some more time to show up if your level is too low. They won’t show up together at the same time so you will have to Fight with them one after the other. Mostly you will get a prompt message right after you complete a mission or two, after defeating Gladiolus.

Now that you know where to find Gladiolus, Prompto, and Ignis. Search them and have a fight with them to complete their respective quests and get awarded by new weapons.

That’s all for this guide. Stay tuned for more updates on Final Fantasy XV Comrades. Till then do refer to our other guide on Which Is The Best Birthplace And Their Stats – FFXV Comrades.