How to play as an animal in GTA Online

GTA Online

In case you may not have heard, a curious new update is now available for Grand Theft Auto Online. It scatters several peyote plants around the city. By eating, you’re able to transform into one of many characters, with different effects depending on what you eat.

It’s a neat effect, and it’s also led to some unusual scenarios — including Bigfoot. But the real question is, how can you take part in the fun? Well, we’ve got the tips you need to track down some of the first of the 70-plus peyote plants within the game, so you too could live that animal life.

How to Play as An Animal in GTA Online

Find a Plant and Enjoy Your Snack

First off, you need to track down a peyote plant. Keep in mind there are over 70 scattered across the city, including some that we’ve broken down below. It’s worth tracking them down, as they can turn you into anything from a rabbit to an eagle to a dog, and maybe even something as outlandish as a cow. (Which, by the way, is perfect for invading a nightclub.)

All you have to do once you get one of these plants is consume it. Once that’s done, you’ll automatically begin a hallucination where you become another creature. There are random ones out there, but they’re all worth trying out if only to see how you can wreak havoc as them.

GTA Online Animals

The First Peyote Plant Locations

First off, after you find the Bigfoot-themed one at Mount Chiliad, head to the cable car stop at the top of the mountain. From there, take a little walk southeast and keep an eye out for a couple of red flags. It’s there you’ll find the first peyote plant.

If you prefer a higher point to find a plant, give Raton Canyon a try. You’ll need an aerial vehicle to get there, preferably a helicopter. Once you get to the top of the mountain, take a look somewhere around the middle. The peyote will be there and waiting.

Prefer something a little more suburban? Check out the Los Santos International Airport. Head over to Los Santos Customs and check out the space between the forklift and the wrecked bus, and you’ll be able to transform into an animal there and wreak havoc.

There’s also one located in the Vinewood Hills area. Head to the north of the neighborhood, and you’ll see a sewer drain entrance off to the side. Go down, and you should be able to find the plant.

This guide will help you get started in your transformative abilities so that you can reveal your animal side. Have fun, and remember, it doesn’t hurt to go a little crazy.

Grand Theft Auto Online is available now as part of Grand Theft Auto V for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.