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Blood and Wine feature 5 new Grandmaster Gear Set which is not only powerful but also provide the player with certain Bonus for wearing it. In order to equip them, you must fist find the Diagrams for the Gear which is scattered all across the Map and then take them to the Craftsman to built it. This Article will show you the location for all the Grandmaster Gear set and how to Craft them in Witcher 3.

Grandmaster Gear Diagram Location

Even though you find all the diagrams you couldn’t equip it as there are certain requirements for the Gear to equip and you need to Unlock the Grandmaster Smith Lafargue by Completing his Side Quest – ‘Scavenger Hunt’. The Requirements for equipping the Gear are:

  • You must be Level 40+
  • Wearing Half Set will Provide unique Bonus while Full Set provides Full Bonus
  • You can only Craft the Gear at Grandmaster Smith Lafargue

Grandmaster Griffin Armor Location

In order to find Griffin Steel Sword, Boots, and Gauntlets Diagram you need to head inside the eastern part of the Map inside the Ruins of Fort Ussar. You will find the first three diagrams from the box inside with a letter showing the location for the next three diagrams.

Now make you way towards the new marked location which is at Mont Crane Castle, enter the Castle’s courtyard then take left and use the Eye of Nehelani on the wall to reveal the secret stairs. Head Down and look for the switch by the bookshelf in the next room and now use the crystal to activate the portal, on the other side you will find a Golem. Get inside the next room where you will find the diagrams for Griffin Silver Sword, Armor, and Trousers.


  • Half Set Bonus: After Casting Yrden Sign you can recast any sign for free(3 Seconds)
  • Full Set Bonus: Get Increased Stamina Regeneration and Yrden Buff + 40% trap size

Grandmaster Feline Armor Location

The Armor Set is scattered in three different parts where the first art is the Cat Armor which can be found far north of the map. You need to get to the swamp then head east where you find a run-down estate, now keep following the wall to the right until you climb the scaffolding and get inside. Take down the bandits then head inside the red house with the white door now you have to loot the picture hanging on the door where you also find the next clue for the Diagrams.

The Clue will get you in the Arthach Palace Ruins(Northern Swamp) which is also home to Hansa Camp. Get ready to take down few bandits then climb the broken bridge and follow the path until you reach the Bonfire. Look for the chest near the Bonfire which will have the Diagrams for Feline Trousers and Boots. Finally, head towards the Monster Den which is north of Dulcinea Windmill and get inside the cave to find this last part of the Diagrams for Feline Steel, Silver Sword, and Gauntlets.


  • Half Set Bonus: After Heavy Attack, you sword will gain 5% damage for light attacks for 5 seconds
  • Full Set Bonus: Increased Back Attacks damage by 25%

Grandmaster Ursine Armor Location

The first set of the Diagrams for Ursine Silver, Armor and Boots can be found in Flovive Village which is south of Dun Tynne Castle. Once you reach there to start looking for an orange house in the center of the town. Head back of the house to find the blocked entrance to cave which can be cleared by using the Aard then grab the loot from the Chest along with the location for the next Set.

The next set can be found between Cockatrice Inn and Flovive village which will get you inside the cave. Follow the water until you drop down the ledge, now take a left and grab all the loot from the dead Witcher.


  • Half Set Bonus: 5% chance to re-cast a Burst Quen Sign Instantly
  • Full Set Bonus: Quen signability will increase the Damage Boost x3

Grandmaster Wolven Armor Location

Head East of the Beauclair inside the Termes Palace Ruins and make sure you take the Purple Ruby from the entrance as you need to use it to lower the force field. Take down all the Wraiths then follow the corridor and on your way use the Aard to break the cracked walls. Head Left as you get outside the cave and in the very first room you will find the satchel which has the Diagrams for Wolven Armor, Boots and Trousers and a clue to next set.

Now Turn around and go back into the room you came from and look for a small room with damaged rockfall. Now Look for the dead corpse on the ground and loot their body to grab the next set of the Wolven Gauntlets, Silver Sword, and Steel Sword Diagram.


  • Half Set Bonus: Allows you to apply up to 3 Oils to your Sword at same time
  • Full Set Bonus: Now you can throw the Bombs without Delay

Grandmaster Manticore Armor Location

Manticore is the only Grandmaster Armor which has a different location for each and every diagram piece. The First Piece we will be looking for is the Manticore Steel Sword which can be found west of Corvo Bianco. You must pass the island where you spot the Bastoy Prison Ruins, climb the tower and at the Top of the Hill you will find this Diagram near the Wooden Balcony. The Manticore Armor Diagram can be found southeast from Gelenser Farm and enter the Cave where Lebioda once stayed. Look for the Notes in the chamber underground and grab this diagram.

Now travel northwest of Plegmund’s Bridge to find an Abandoned Temple in Sansretour Valley. Here you will use the Aard to open the cracked door and follow the path until you come to the area with a red box near the Steps. Grab the Manticore Trousers and Boost Diagram and now it’s time to look for the Manticore Silver Sword Diagram which is on the shores west of the central city. You will find the Cave entrance called the Murky Delve in Seidhe Llgad.

On your way down use the Aard to take down the cavern wall to reach the hidden chapel where a guardian is resting on the altar with a room full of Loot boxes. Grab the Silver Sword Diagram and make your way towards the Lake of Cleansing which is northeast of Basane Farm. You must Dive into the water from the small dock and with the help if you Witcher Senses you can locate the red Loot crate which has the final diagram of Manticore Gauntlets.


  • Half Set Bonus: Critical chance and damage bonus buffs can be applied to Bombs
  • Full Set Bonus: Add one Additional charge to any Alchemy item

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