How To Best Use Grenades In Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds


Grenades are one of the powerful weapons you will be using in Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds. But remember it takes a bit time to cook a grenade and then use it. So it, not something you will be using frequently. At some places grenades are highly effective, it can help you to kill multiple enemies at a single time and clear your path. In this guide, you can find some really simple yet effective tips on using Grenades in PUBG.

PUBG Grenade Tips

Grenade Tips And Tricks – PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

Grenades can be obtained by killing players, from loots and in buildings. It is a random item you will spot in the game. It is necessary that you must keep the grenade in your weapon cycle and know which button to use it. This is the first part, second throwing it on the right place to have the max impact is the key to use grenades effectively.

Types of Grenades:

There are four three of grenades in the game, Stun Grenades, Smoke Grenades and a regular one. There is also Molotov Cocktails that can be used to create an area of fire for causing max damage to the players. These items must always be used in the area where others cannot escape easily. So that you can cause max damage on their health. You must also learn which grenades do what, the Stun Grenade can blind deaf the player for about 7 seconds. If the player turns away, he will not lose his eye sight but he will become deaf for 7 seconds. This one is good for escaping from a building. Smoke Grenades will create a cloud of smoke for around a minute, a good cover for you. Then there is the regular one, the frag grenades, hold the left click to cook the grenade. You can throw underhand by holding the left click and right click and then releasing the key in the right direction.

Grenades Can Bounce:

Once you ready to shoot the grenade, you can take benefits of windows or railing to bounce of the grenade to opposite direction. So you don’t really have to reach a nice location, you can simply pick a direction and throw the grenade to make it bounce in the right direction for clearing the room. Molotovs on the other side works differently, they are easy to notice in mid-air so there are max chances that others can escape. Als, remember do not throw it in a way it bounces back to you.

Use Frag Grenades To Target Hidden Enemies:

PUBG Grenades Target

Frag Grenades are best to target enemies when they are hiding behind trees or walls. Anyone hiding around can be targeted through Frag Grenades because its damage radius is decent enough to eat up the health of opponents before they can escape. Watch for the exact location of the enemy first, once you are confirmed then throws the grenade. Enemies will try to escape which will expose them you can shoot them. Many will run as soon as they spot a grenade so you can use it smartly to take down hiding enemies. Frag Grenades are also ideal to take down targets that are hiding in the building.

Grenades Works Under Water:

PUBG Grenades Underwater

It is near to impossible to kill a player who is hiding in the water because bullets do not work there. But grenades work. So without wasting your ammo, you can target the person in the water. When the player swims inside his health will start depleting at a slower rate, anyhow the player has to come up, try to stay alert if he is near enough throw the grenade.

Grenades Can Explode In Your Hand:

PUBG Grenades Throw Point 2

Each grenades in PUBG has a timer when you cook the same, you have around 5 seconds to throw them. Or else it will explode in your hand. So you have to sure when you want to use them. This is a limitation that cannot be overwritten. Once you are ready with target take the grenade, and you as you press the left click your timer starts. The grenade will also explode if you switch to a weapon, there is one way to stop this. But you have to really quick for this, you have to open inventory and drag the grenade out from grenade slot. If you can do this fast then you can stop the grenade from blasting in your hand, or else you have to throw it.

Don’t Haste In Throwing Grenades:

PUBG Grenades Throw Point

Grenades or Molotovs are best when you throw them right. Or else their explosion is wasted. For example, if you spot someone in a room through a window, you can throw one of them towards the same. If it lands properly it will cause max damage to whoever is inside the room, those who are alive will try to run from the doors and that is the time you take your shot.

Grenade Damage Can’t Be Block By Helmet & Vest:

PUBG Grenades Vest Helmet

This is where grenade lands best, even if the enemy is wearing the highest level vest or helmet, the grenade will cause them damage. So you have to particular in using them. You can underhand throw the grenade quietly to tackle multiple unaware enemies. You can also throw grenades through glasses.

Evade Grenades Through Pan:

PUBG Grenades Pan

If you a pan with you, then you can use that to evade a grenade. If someone throws that to you, and you are aware about the same, you can use the pan to throw it back on the opponent. Well, this does not work all the time, but it is a good strategy if you want to counter attack the opponent’s grenade throw.

So these are some ways by which you can effectively use the grenades in PUBG. If you have any other unique way or suggestion that can help others do share in the comments section below.