GridLeaks Location – Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Guide

Mirror Edge Catalyst has various different collectibles that you need to collect and most of them will be the part of your Story Main Mission. In this Article we will be showing you all the GridLeaks location and how can you find them. These Collectible are mostly found in the open area just like the GridLeaks. So without any further ado, let’s begin with the Collectible location.

GridLeaks Location

Where to Find all GridLeaks

For Every GridLeaks, you collect it rewards you with +10 Bonus XP and you also know how many parts are hidden in every location. Once you collect all GridLeaks you’ll unlock the ‘Full Exposure’ Achievement for 70 Gamerscore. Now there are more than 150 GridLeaks all across the Map and scattered in a different direction so instead of wasting time looking for each one have another way which is easy but you need to have patients.

In order to locate all the GridLeaks on your Map, you must complete the Main Story Mission then unlock the Gridleak Map Gear option in the Bottom-Left corner of the grid in Progression Menu. Now you have all the time to collect all the GridLeaks with all the location open. To know more about the game walkthrough, collectible location you can always check out our Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Wiki Guide.