How to Farm Experience and Level Up Fast – Middle-Earth Shadow of War

Middle-Earth Shadow of War

In Middle-Earth Shadow of War, Talion can quickly gain experience to level up his character, followers, and recruits. Upgrading your Character unlocks more skills, stronger Orcs, and higher loots. Follow this step-by-step guide. Quickly Level Up Followers defend your fortress and attacks against the forces of Sauron. So without any further ado, let’s begin with the Farming Experience and Level Up Fast.

Middle-Earth Shadow of War

How to Level Up Followers and Farm Experience

Once you have the followers with decent traits you must focus on leveling them up and make them ready. Coming straight to the point here are the thing you need to AVOID which do not earn good experience – Gear Upgrade Quests, Collectibles, Pit Fights, Killing Grunts and Beasts, Shadows of the Past Missions. So what to focus on? We will be only showing you tricks that will farm huge amount of experience. Starting With Main Quest. Go to your Quest Log and start completing the Quest for Carnan, Bruz, Gondor, Shelob, and Eltariel. Do no sideline the essential storylines as they help you gain thousands of experience quickly.

Note: You can replay the same mission but the huge experience is only rained once.

Second in the list is to take over the outpost. To do so, you must locate each Fortress and take down the Captain for the Loot. This will help you disable the alarms for the rest of the exploration. To ease things here you can eliminate then with specialized Nemesis Mission to gain more Experience Or Take over the Region first then wait for the Captain to Fasten the process. Along with Captain, you must also try taking down the Warchiefs, and Overlords which is the most common way to gain experience. We tried killing the Level 20 Captain and gained 100 Experience and 150 for being Dominated.

Hint: Use Wealth Gem in Armor Gear to get 20-30% Extra to Defeat a Captain.

Running out of Captains? There is an alternative where you can kill Orcs in your friend’s game. Enable Online Missions then take part in Vendetta Missions. Here you need to defeat an Orc who killed a player and you will be teleported to their game which includes High-level Captains. Make sure you are ready and Unlocked Epic and Legendary Orcs before trying to take these Captains.

The Last and the easiest way to farm Experience is the Nemesis Mission. These Mission are randomized which offers you a good amount of experience for each mission you take part in. It can be against Two to three Orcs fight each other in the different region. You can help your followers succeed in a hunt or trial. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and start farming your experience.