GTA Online Guide: How to Unlock Survival Mode And Survival Mode Maps

Grand Theft Auto Online

For those who are unaware of, Survival mode in Grand Theft Auto Online is a type of jobs that bombard you with hordes of enemies as a result of which difficulty level is increase because this hordes continue.

GTA OnlineThis Survival mode is one of mine personal favourites, and here are the reason behind this, put forward a difficult challenge, enjoying it with a friend is the best way to play and if manage to survive rewards “RP and Money” are pretty handsome.

The guide below showcase how to unlock Survival Mode and Survival Mode Maps in Grand Theft Auto Online

How to Unlock Survival Mode in Grand Theft Auto Online

In GTA Online, Survivcal Mode is activated when player reaches RANK 15, however it won’t be available at that instance. Few minutes after reaching RANK 15, you will receive a call from RON, make sure you receive it, but if by some means you miss it, don’t worry as RON will call back again after waiting for a while.

After you finish talking to Ron, you will receive a mission market that takes you to Trevor’s House in Sandy Shores.

As soon as you finish your conversation with Trevor, you will receive a new mission marker for your first survival job, either you successfully complete it or get FAIL in doing so, Survival mode will be unlock along with two survival mode maps Industrial Plant, and Sandy Survival.

How to Unlock More Survival Maps

More Survival maps will unlock as player rank up. At RANK 20, Railyard Survival map will get unlock, whereas at RANK 25, Processed Survival map will be unlocked.

If you want to play survival mode map without unlocking it, you need to have an invitation from another player that has it unlocked.

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