Guard Break And Counter Guard Break in For Honor

In the For Honor, both Guard Break and Counter Guard Break play an important role. The Guard Break lets you push forward to attack the enemy and counter Guard Break lets you stun the enemy that can help you to escape from the enemy’s attack. However, it is important to learn when to and how to perform Guard Break. The following guide shows how to Guard Break and Counter Guard Break in the game.

For Honor Guard Break

How To Guard Break in For Honor:

The Guard Break is the ability that lets you break the guard of enemy to push forward to attack the enemy. To perform the guard break, you need to press the X button on Xbox One and Square button in PlayStation 4 which will make you to kick or shove the enemy to make them loose the block so that you can charge forward to attack on them. While performing guard break, Keep in note that you are not being attacked by the enemy with any weapon. The same button is used to perform the throwing the enemy so you need to choose carefully according to the position of the target.

How to Counter Guard Break in For Honor:

You can use the Guard Break option to counter the enemy’s Guard Break. To counter the Guard Break of enemy, you need to execute the Guard Break of your own just before the enemy attack you by pressing the square button to cancel the enemy’s Guard Break. You can also dodge the attack by pressing the X button and moving right or left or by stepping back. You can wait for enemy to run out of stamina by performing a slow, heavy attack so that you can defeat the enemy easily if you break the guard at the moment. You need perfect timing to perform the counter Guard Break and which can only be possible by more and more practice.