Half Life 2 Second Episode Cheats and Codes


Half Life 2 Second Episode starts where we left Gordon and Alyx at the end of Episode 1. Some revelations are made about the scenario and the Alien invasion of Earth. G-Man roles comes, who will lead the mad pursuit of garden Freeman. Half Life 2 Episode is full of action, car chases, fights and some new enemies. Following are the cheats codes commands for Half Life 2 Episode 2, During the game press the ~ (tilde) to open the cheat console, choose one of the codes you show below and press Enter to get the right effect.

  • Turn God Mode On/Off: Enter ‘god‘.
  • Invisible to Enemies: Enter ‘notarget‘.
  • Unlock All weapons and extra ammunition: Enter ‘Impulse 101‘.
  • Hides the weapon of the character: Please enter ‘impulse 200‘.
  • Activate through walls On/Off: Enter ‘noclip‘.
  • Wire mode: Enter ‘vcollide_wireframe 1‘.
  • Just with all the NPCs in an area: Enter ‘npc_kill‘.
  • Spawn Scout Car: Enter ‘ch_createjeep‘.
  • Spawn Airboat: Enter ‘impulse 83‘.
  • Spawn Airboat: Enter ‘ch_createairboat‘.
  • Bump Mapping Enable: Enter ‘mat_fastnobump 1‘.
  • Disables Bump Mapping: Enter ‘mat_fastnobump 0‘.
  • Unlock Wire Frame Models: Enter ‘mat_wireframe1‘.
  • Draw Game Triggers: Enter ‘showtriggers_Activar‘.
  • Draw Normal Maps: Enter ‘mat_normalmaps 1‘.
  • Draw Surface Materials: Enter ‘mat_normals 1′