Halo 5: Guardians: List Of All Bugs and Gripes Discovered So Far

 Halo 5: Guardians: List Of All Bugs and Gripes Discovered So Far

Halo 5: Guardians users have been reporting bugs and minor gripes in the last few days. Being launched from just a couple of days, it’s normal for such a big online multiplayer title to include a series of bugs, which we wish 343 Industries will work on in the following hours.

Halo 5: Guardians


  1. You are often not able to see the icon showing if someone is using his mic during Warzone and Arena matches. This is annoying when you want to mute molest gamers, especially when you encounter people using Kinect, which brings in the game every sound coming from their rooms.
  2. It is a sort of “tradition” for players to shoot against everything’s moving after the match is over. Now this little tradition is destined to disappear unless 343 Industries fixes this, as this behavior will cost you being kicked out from the match for betrayal of teammates.
  3. Zoom is not working in Theater, at the moment.
  4. If an enemy is on the stairs, and you shoot at the stairs with rockets, your enemy won’t get damaged although being in the blast radius. This could be challenging to fix for 343i, even though it’s very important they manage to do find a solution.
  5. The button combination to lower your weapon in Halo 4 is still working in Halo 5: Guardians but only in first-person, not in the theater mode and not for other players. For Machinima purpose, this should be fixed asap.
  6. Weird glitches are happening. Reddit Biscotti_Pippen user reports: “Everybody in the game was pointing straight up into the air shooting. My gun was invisible unless I sprinted and every vehicle I drove was disfigured. Couldn’t drive a ghost and my warthog was driving sideways.”


  1. The right analogue stick doesn’t work anymore in the player list you have pressing the “back” button, and this makes it more uncomfortable if you need to navigate the menu for any purpose.
  2. In Warzone, you currently see teammates call sign and gamertag when they are pretty close. Icons should appear no matter the distance from your teammates.
  3. Map rotation should be better handled, as you are sometimes forced to play the same map for three or four times in a row before it changes.
  4. Reddit user CraigRadley reports: “You used to be able to hold zoom, and when you let it up, it would un-zoom. Would also allow you to 5x scope the sniper and unzoom without progressing through the 10x zoom. What happened to this feature?”
  5. You currently can’t see your medals or tools of destruction in the post-match.
  6. Friends menu doesn’t show what are your friends playing to in the Halo 5: Guardians ecosystem.
  7. Intel you get from data pads doesn’t support subtitles.
  8. Spartan appearance in the post-game lobby or intermission is really dark, doesn’t represent properly your armor.
  9. In custom games, players are sorted alphabetically and not by team colors.
  10. Sometimes after a match, the game says that match data could not be recovered, making you lose all the match data and not progressing through your rank.