Headshot Locations – South Park Fractured But Whole


A sequel award-winning South Park: The Stick of Truth is here with a new adventure – The Fractured But Whole. Along with the main storyline, the player will encounter different side mission which is equally important. Scavenger Hunt is one of the side mission where you need to post headshots of Mr. Adams across the town. Here are all 8 Headshot locations you need to find in South Park Fractured But Whole.

Headshot Location - South Park: The Fractured But Whole

Mr. Adams Headshot Locations

If you haven’t started this mission already then simply head to the alley between the Post Office and D Mobile to find the crumpled photos of Mr. Adams from the garbage can. Now head to the Police station to find another crumpled photo of Mr. Adams to the left of the wanted posters. To start the mission, talk to the policeman until he takes you inside the green door(Soft Room) and you are on with the Headshot mission.

Headshot Locations 1

Check the Community Board in front of City Hall and Patch the Headshot.

Headshot Locations 2

Head over to the Podium while in Community Center. In order to patch the Headshot, you must push the stepladder then climb up.

Headshot Locations 3

Check out the Message Board while in Tweek Bros. Coffee Shop.

Headshot Locations 4

While in Police Station, check the first room with wanted posters beneath Reception Booth.

Headshot Locations 5

This is the toughest one in Elementary Room. Once you are inside the school, look for the pinwheel to Summon Kite Man then make your self to the upper level to Patch the Headshot.

Note: The player must have enough Buddy Skill with Kite Man

Headshot Locations 6

Once you have the Sandblaster buddy skill unlocked, call a friend to North of Stark’s Pond. Once you have the Toolshed get rid of the lava which is in front of the Board where you need to patch the Headshot.

Headshot Locations 7

While in Jimbo’s Guns, look for a huge moose head on the wall. You need to patch the Headshot right below the bulletin board.

Headshot Locations 8

At the entrance to the Peppermint Hippo, you must drag the stepladder to climb and patch the Headshot to the Hippo Wall of Fame.

Note: This will be available later in the game once you progress with the main storyline.

Now head back to Police station to talk to Mr. Adams and finish the side mission. You will be rewarded with Fantastic Visage and Idol of Inappropriate Touching artifacts. Check our other guides to know more about South Park Fractured But Whole Tips and Tricks.