Heavy Rain Unlockable Code and PS3 trophies list

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Heavy Rain Chronicles is the Journey of Madison Paige, a Journalist who is on is way to solve and catch a serial killer.

There are in all 57 Trophies in Heavy Rain out of which some are listed below:

There are two Bronze Trophy in Heavy Rain:

Heavy Rain Hero Bronze Trophy – if you achieve this trophy it means you have finish Heavy Rain
Interactive Drama Bronze Trophy – Achieve this trophy means

There is one Silver Trophy in Heavy Rain:

Four Heroes Silver Trophy – Achieve this and you have completed the Story of Heavy Rain with your four character alive

There is one Gold Trophy in Heavy Rain:

All Ending Gold Trophy – If you achieve this trophy it means you have seen all the endings in Heavy Rain.

There is One Platinum Trophy:

Heavy Rain Master Platinum Trophy – If you achieve this Platium Trophy then you will unlock all the trophy which are lock.

Out of 57 trophies in Heavy Rain five are mention above remaining 52 are lock and can be unlock by gamers if they achieve Platinum Trophy. So gamers be the first one to unlock the remaining trophy.