Find And Defeat Boss Surt God of Fire: Hellblade Senua’s Sacrifice Walkthrough Part 1

 Find And Defeat Boss Surt God of Fire: Hellblade Senua’s Sacrifice Walkthrough Part 1

Hellblade Senua’s Sacrifice is Senua’s journey in Hell. In this Part 1 walkthrough, Senua task is to defeat Surt God of Fire but to reach Boss Surt, Senua will face many challenges along the way, such as finding strange symbols to unlock each door.

Hellblade Walkthrough Part 1

There are many weird placing you will be passing through at the start. The game has a slow flow at the start, with no major cinematic to reveal the actual story of what really happened, who is Senua and from where she is coming.

Path to Helheim:

Senua has to go to Helheim to free his lover Dillion Soul from Hela, The Goddess of Death, but her path is not easy, in order to open the door of Helheim she has to defeat two Guarding Gods first. Among which the first one God of Fire, Surt is covered in this guide.

Helheim 1

At the beginning, Senua is floating towards an island where she will be facing all horrors of her life. There are bodies hanging on woods around. Once you are on the ground move ahead, on the right you will find a stone with a strange symbol on it. Focus on it for direction. The stone will talk about Hela’s Gate and the path to Helheim. Keep walking, ahead till you see Helheim far ahead. There is a bridge on the left that is the only path. The next objective is to go to that bridge. There is a hidden path on the left side between stone where you will again encounter the stone with a strange symbol, the one you encounter at the beginning, cross the bridge from below and look on left for stairs.

Helheim 2 Helheim 3

Interact with the stone, and it will tell you about Nine Worlds and their gods, among which Senua is going to Helheim the world of dead, ruled by goddess Hela. Take the right stairs and climb up, turn left, pass through the wooden log and you will have to jump down. Cross the cave and on the left, there is a locked door. You will have to find the symbol on the door, focus first after Druth says you then look at the shadow on the cave wall towards your left side when you turn around, checkout the second image above this paragraph. After getting the symbol go towards the gate. Take the stairs and keep going up. Follow the narrow path of the wooden log at the water fall, cross it and further move ahead again on the thin wooden log to cross the mountain area. There is a stone on left, it will tell you about Hela, goddess of World of Dead. After interacting with stone move ahead and take the stairs down. Pass the cave and you will reach to an open ground with the closed gate of Helheim.

Door Of Helheim & Senua’s Rot Level:

Door of Helheim

Senua reaches the door of Helheim and faces some guard in her path, she finds that in order to open this door she has to defeat two gods who are guarding it.

You will have to fight with 3 guards first. After ditching their attacks, a continuous 5 to 6 times sword attack is enough to kill them, but some will take more. After defeating them you will face a bit powerful one on which your attack will not work. Three of them will attack you, so dodge at all cost. As your attack won’t work at this point you will learn about the Rot Level.

What is ROT LEVEL:

  • The Dark Rot Will Grow Each Time You Fail.
  • If The Rot Reaches Senua’s Head Her Quest Is Over.
  • All Progress Will be Lost.

To open Helheim’s Door in order to face Hela, Senua has to first face two gods who are guarding it. First is Surt, The God of Fire and second is Valravn the God of Illusion. The two doors to reach those gods are on the left. Head towards the first one, to fight with the Surt, The God of Fire.

Find And Battle With Surt, The God Of Fire:

After choosing the first door where Senua decides to find and fight Surt, The God of Fire, she has to first open the door by finding symbols and after that, she has to unlock three Fire gates and two hidden doors to finally fight with Surt.

Door of Surt:

Helheim Door 1

Go inside and take left after crossing the wooden bridge. There is another path on the right that will later help you to locate symbol to unlock a door in this area. On the left, near the door, you will see two symbols. You have to fight 5 guards first, and then you will have to find two symbols, one you can see in the image below, one looks like an H and another one like Y with an extra line in between. Both will be found in different locations.

Helheim Door 2

Location Of First Symbol that looks like an H:

Helheim Door Symbol 1

Turn around, now there two paths straight ahead, one goes to the left and another right. You have to take the first left, then again a left turn. You will reach a mountain with some dead bodies on the right ground. Turn left and you will see two huge wooden logs, one is straight and second one with titled log in between. This is the first symbol.

Location Of Second Symbol:

Helheim Door Symbol 2

For the second one come down and look near the spikes on left, you will see a hanging body ahead on a Y shape log with a log with no branches just ahead of it. This is your second symbol. After getting both heads to the door, open it and keep walking till you reach another wooden door.

Final Path to Surt The Fire Giant:

To find Surt, you will have to find three fire gates and two hidden doors. All locations of symbols to unlock them are below.

Fire-Gate – 1

The door is Fire-gate of Surt, you will have to deal with 6 guards in the path. To open the gate you will need to find the Fire. Turn around and you will see a wooden gate ahead pass that and on the right, you will find a stone, touch it and then run towards the Fire-gate, break and cross it.

Fire-Gate – 2

Fire Gate 2

After crossing the first gate, you will reach a wooden bridge and on the right below you can see the second gate. On the left of the bridge, you will find the stone that will tell you about Muspell, the land of Fire Giants. Turn around and pass below the bridge you can see the second Fire-Gate straight ahead. There is a path on your left, go through the woods into the forest. You will see flames on far left, that is the next stone, and you have to touch to open Fire-Gate 2. The path is from left, through a small cave. Pass the wooden log and just on right, you will see the stone. Touch to open the second fire gate. Run from the right side of the stone, and you will reach the gate. There are bodies in the path, just follow them.

After crossing the two fire gates you have to now unlock two doors, these are having hidden symbol and the last one will take you to the fire giant Surt. Once you unlock the door you will find the stone with a symbol inside on which you will interact to locate next point.

First Hidden Door To Surt:

Hidden Door 1

After moving ahead you will see another round wooden door on the left, with nothing on it. On right below the stone columns go near the stone and it will tell you about Surt. Go back to the round wooden door and you will see two symbols on similar to the image above. To open the door you have to locate these two symbols. There are two doors like this before you finally reach to fight with Surt.

Symbol 1 Location:

Hidden Door Symbol 1

For the first one, a turnaround from the door and look into the woods, to reach the place take left and cross through hut on the left side. There is a door on the right come out from there and look on the right side you will find the symbol.

Symbol 2 Location ‘R’ Shape:

Hidden Door Symbol 2

The second one is on the ground it is like the burning line, you have to reach a higher spot to notice that. Get back in the hut and take the stairs up pass through the roof ahead and then look on the ground on the right side.

Go to the door and open it, inside on the right, there is the stone touch it. Now you have to run through fire, turn left and then right, enter the passage and again right, go up to take the stairs, carefully walk through the wooden plan and jump down. At the end on the left, you will see the door. But before you have to fight with 4 guards.

Second Hidden Door To Surt:

Hidden Door Symbol 3

After Druth disappears, you will have to find the symbols to open the second door that will finally lead to Surt. Just keep moving ahead, take the stairs on right and cross wooden house and you will see stairs. Take left and another left and walk till the end to see the door, there are three symbols now you have to locate.

Symbol 1 Location:

Hidden Door  Symbol 4

For the first symbol go back into the wooden house from where you came out. Look on the left side, check the marking in the image above for the symbol.

Symbol 2 Location:

Hidden Door Symbol 5

Turn right where you see the first symbol there is a small bridge, again turn right and go out of the house, take left and look on the wall on the left side there are missing planks of the exact same symbol.

Symbol 3 Location:

Hidden Door Symbol 6

For the last one, do not enter the house after getting the above symbol, there is a door just ahead locked with a wooden log. You can open it, now go out and walk straight then take a left turn and climb up on the platform built on your left side. Go up, turn right and at the end you will see a single wooden log. This is your final symbol, match it as per the marking in the image above.

This is it, all the symbols are found, go down and run towards the door that is located on the right of the house you entered. Open the door and touch the stone inside. Run through the fire straight to the end towards the door ahead. Senua will burn to death, in the next scene she is back into the picture, facing Surt the Fire Giant with a flaming sword.

Boss Fight: How to Defeat Surt – God of Fire

Surt Boss Fight

Surt is a pretty heavy boss, your attacks will not do much harm to him, but the good thing is that he is slow. So judging and dodging his attack is possible. Wait for his attack, once he is done, attack him. He will put the sword on the ground, and that is your chance to release some deadly combos. Try to attack from the backside. You have to dodge his sword swing. Use Focus to perform a good amount of damage to the fire giant. You can only defeat him in focus. In approx two tries, you can take him down. He is capable of recharging his health is what I guess, when it turns white, you have to focus and bring him back to normal state.

So here we end the first part, at the end Senua defeated Surt and now she is on her journey to take down Valravn, The God of Illusion, after which she will be able to face Hela, The God of Death. You can also refer our Hellblade Wiki, for more tips and updates on the game.