Find And Defeat Valravn God of Illusion – Hellblade Walkthrough Part 2

 Find And Defeat Valravn God of Illusion – Hellblade Walkthrough Part 2

In the Hellblade Walkthrough Part 1, Senua defeated Surt, God of Fire. In this chapter (Part 2), she is now heading to defeat the second boss Valravn, God of Illusion, after which she will be able to access the gates of Helheim. After defeating Surt, you have to travel back to the gates of Helheim to access the second door that will lead to Valravn.

Hellblade Walkthrough Chapter 2

Door of Valravn:

Door of Valravn

After returning back to the door of Helheim, you will have to fight with few guards, this time there are one with axe and shields. Defeat them all and then head to the door of Valravn. The one with the shield is strong, it can block your attack, and to take him down counter his axe attack first then hit kick the shield. And hit him in combos. Next, enter the door. On the right near small stone stairs, you will find the stone to interact and it will tell you about the history of Ymir. Moving further ahead on the right you will see the symbol of Valravn, the same that was on the door. On the left, you will have to pull an iron rod and push the wooden bridge down. Walk towards the burning torch. Take the stairs and climb up. You will reach to a huge closed door, push to open, there is one on the left. As you touch the door a few guards will appear. There will be around seven of them, you have to take care to not to stuck between two.

Unlock Gate 1 Seal:

Valravn Magic Seal

After defeating all of them open the door on left and there is one ahead with a magical seal. There are two steps to break the seal, first go near the door to activate it, and the second pass through the hanging bull skeleton to activate the ravens. Go through the broken wall on left and go up to a higher platform. Align the ravens as shown in the image above and the door will open. There is another gate ahead with the same magical seal.

Unlock Gate 2 Seal:

Valravn Magic Seal 2

Go near the gate first to see the Seal, next you will have to activate the raven symbols, they will turn to white. On the exact left side of the gate, there is an exit, crossing that you will see Valravn statue, pointing to a direction. Go towards the pointed direction and you will reach a small wooden bridge. Cross that and you will see the second statue. there is a passage between the walls, with a single plank in between. Once you cross that you can open two doors on left from another side. Also, there are an iron stairs near the fire torch, climb it and you will see another statue. Check on the left you will see the Ravens are activated. Now come down and take the first door on the right. Walk towards the stone stairs in the center area and align the ravens to unlock the gate.

Unlock Gate 3 Seal:

Valravn Magic Seal 3

Next, pass through the gate, and go to the right side crossing a locked wooden door. Climb up and then pass passage through the wall. In this area you will have to fight with 6 guards, two will be with shield and axe, two will be the old one with sword only and two with the axe. It is important to tackle the shield one first they will block your attack. After killing those all take the route on the right of the area that will lead to the stone that will tell you about Northmen history. Go the left side and you will see a few fallen columns. Cross them and jump down, you will enter into a new area where you will find your third gate on left after crossing the stone stairs. Go near to activate it.

Valravn Magic Seal 4 Valravn Magic Seal 5

Senua will see too many Ravens, to break the seal there are two platforms on the extreme left and right. You have to go on both of them to clear out fake Ravens. There are wooden bridges that connect the two platforms, without them it is not possible to wipe out fake Ravens. From the main gate take a left turn, pass through the animal skull and you will see a wood log at the extreme end. Cross that to reach on the other side, the platform that you have to go in on the left, take the stairs go up. Pass through the wooden gate, and done. Refer the images above.

Valravn Magic Seal 6 Valravn Magic Seal 7

Come down and move towards left, you will see the wooden bridge, remove the iron rod and push it down. Keep moving ahead towards the next platform with a red flag on it. Now this one is a tricky part. First, walk through the broken wall just on the right of locked iron door, go inside and open the door first. Don’t go upstairs, on the extreme right of stairs you will see a small hole, this will lead to a guiding stone if you want you can interact or else leave it. Come outside and on the left of the iron door you will see a wooden platform, pull the iron rod and push it down. Pass through the wooden gate, as shown in the image above and get back to the same location. Now you will see the broken wall is gone, enter through the door, go up and look through the second wooden gate. This will wipe out the remaining fake ravens. Finally to unlock the seal you have to come down, exit through the gate and just walk towards the main gate. You will see the ravens, keep walking straight ahead till you reach the first platform with a red flag. And done the seal is unlocked, refer the second image above.

Unlock Gate 4 Seal: The Final Gate To Valravn

You will have to turn back and walk towards the center, you will find the stone stairs just in front of main gate stairs. Now you will see the fourth gate. There is a nest at the exact center top of the area, you have to climb up there to unlock the final gate that will lead to Valravn. After crossing the gate you will see a massive tree in the area and the locked gate first goes near the gate and activate the seal. Next, follow the below steps to unlock the gate.

Valravn Magic Seal 8 Valravn Magic Seal 9

From the locked Gate, see on the right side there is a passage in between the broken wall, take the stair up and pass through the Arbor. Next, come down and then walk left you will see stone stairs, pass through the tree branch, the path will be blocked so through the wooden block turn around and pass through the second Arbor. Don’t turn back, jump down, and push the wooden bridge down and cross that. You will find the next tree branch that will take you to the nest in the center. Look on left. The gate is no broken.

Boss Fight: How to Defeat Valravn – God of Illusion

Senua gains consciousness after a while, she is now in front of Valravn, the second boss of this game. you will need to keep a bit patience in-order to defeat him. After having the mirror from Druth, Senua wakes up to fight with Valravn. He can dodge away from your attacks and charge back into you with full force. So at all cost try to dodge his direct charged attack. After attacking with his weapon he will pause for a moment, you can simply throw up some good attacks on him. In the first phase of the fight after taking attacks, he will run away and you will have to fight with 4 guards. You can parry his attacks, but you have to bbe secure about the high jump.

He will appear back again, this time he will throw weapons . Also, he will jump and attack you at full force. The best time to hit him is when he comes near you and you successfully dodge his attacks. He will once again retreat, and next, you have to fight with 5 guards. Valravn will use a new strategy in this final phase of the attack. So be ready to dodge. This includes charging in you with speed, throwing weapons, shifting to sideways in full speed and attacking just after a high jump. Keep hitting whenever you have a chance, and eventually you will win the fight. Try using focus when he is in shadow mode to locate him.

So we end this chapter with the death of Valravn. This means now Senua has two keys know that will help her to unlock the door of Helheim. You can read our walkthrough on next chapter Senua has to find Gamr the sword taht can slay gods, only then she can move ahead. You can also check out Hellblade Wiki Guide.