All 44 Lorestones Location In Hellblade

 All 44 Lorestones Location In Hellblade

Lorestones are one of the collectible items in Hellblade, there are many places you will find it. There are total 44 Lorestones, and by collecting all of them you will be able to see a Secret Ending just before crossing the door of that will lead you to Hela. Collecting all of them will also reward you Platinum Trophy. Remember if you skip any stone you cannot come back and collect it, so it is a one-way road.

Hellblade Lorestone Locations

All 44 Lorestone Locations

At the Beginning, after Senua reaches grounds and heads towards Helheim:

Hellblade Lorestone 1

Lorestone 1: At the very beginning when Senua leaves the boat, look on the right side.

Hellblade Lorestone 2

Lorestone 2: This you will get after you can see Helheim far away, there is a bridge and from below you have to walk, look on the left near the waterfall.

Hellblade Lorestone 3

Lorestone 3: While moving towards the bridge you will have to cross a wooden log safely, just ahead on the left there is the third one.

Hellblade Lorestone 4

Lorestone 4: After reaching Door to Helheim and fighting the guards, you will have to kill two Gods, Surt – Good of Fire, and Valravn – God of Illusions, in the same area just before opening the door look on your right.

After Entering the door that leads to Valravn God of Illusion:

Hellblade Lorestone 5

Lorestone 5: After crossing the door, keep running and look on the extreme right side. Look for some stone structure, you can find one Lorestone there. Check the image for reference.

Hellblade Lorestone 6

Lorestone 6: After unlocking Gate 1, in Gate 2 you will see a maze where you have to align the Ravens to unlock Gate 3, in this part which filled with Valravn’s statue, stone structures, and trees. There are two flags in this area one is on the right and another on the extreme left and the Gate 3 in center. Cross the wooden bridge and on left there is a Valravn’s statue. again on left, you will see a wooden log and fire behind. Go in there first open the door on left, come out side, and cross the Wooden Arbor, go through the gate, take stairs up and you will find the stone ahead.

Hellblade Lorestone 7

Lorestone 7: After crossing the Gate where you find 6th Lorestone, move ahead, there will be a locked wooden door on the left side. keep walking ahead and you will see a huge wooden log, that will take you to an arena, fight with horde of enemies and then look on the extreme right side.

Hellblade Lorestone 8

Lorestone 8: After you find the above stone, turn left and keep moving till you cross the door. You will reach the area with wooden spikes around. There will be a statue on your right. Keep moving and turn right, from the next statue, again turn right between woods, in between two stone walls on your right you will find the stone.

Hellblade Lorestone 9

Lorestone 9: In the same area go near the main gate, turn your back towards the gate and take on the right you can see a Wooden Arbor. Cross through that and keep walking on the right after crossing the wooden bridge, there is a passage between the stone walls, on the right, you will see a small hole. Crouch through that for the stone.

After Entering the door that leads to Surt God of Fire:

Hellblade Lorestone 10

Lorestone 10: After crossing the door, on your right side you will find a cave, look for the stone inside.

Hellblade Lorestone 11

Lorestone 11: Ahead you will reach a point where you will have to locate 2 Fire gates to unlock doors. In the path when you are locating the second one you will reach a wooden bridge, with blocked path ahead. From the bridge start, take a left turn and after going down look on the left.

Hellblade Lorestone 12

Lorestone 12: After getting the above stone, turn right and go down, you will come below the bridge. On your left there is a forest go in it and look on the right side.

Hellblade Lorestone 13

Lorestone 13: After you cross the door you will reach an area with empty huts on right and another locked door on your left. You will find one in the huts on right side.

Hellblade Lorestone 14

Lorestone 14: After crossing the door you will enter into a new area, take the stairs up, go straight and turn left to the wooden bridge. Go straight and again take a left turn, look on the right for the stone in the end.

The Door of Helhiem:

Hellblade Lorestone 15

Lorestone 15: From the gate turn right, there is a wooden stairs that goes up. Go up and take a right turn, then another right. Go to till the end and you will reach a window with stairs. go down the stone is in front.

Hellblade Lorestone 16

Lorestone 16: From the gate walk straight after opening the door of Helhiem and dealing with enemies inside, there is a looked door ahead, look on right before it.

River Of Knives:

Hellblade Lorestone 17

Lorestone 17: Hela attacks Senua she falls down from the bridge. Look on the left for a broken wooden log.

Hellblade Lorestone 18

Lorestone 18: After finding the above one, turn right and keep walking towards the torches on the right. Cross the wooden stairs and you will find the stone on your right side.

Hellblade Lorestone 19

Lorestone 19: After finding the above one, walk straight, cross the small bridge from below and turn left. Go down through stairs, walk straight, there is a boat on your left, the next stone is just on the left of that boat.

Hellblade Lorestone 20

Lorestone 20: For the next one there is a passage on your left, between the stones. Cross that keep running towards the broken bridge. Go right then and then turn left, keep running between the bridge debris till reach an end with two paths. One on the right and other on the left side. Turn right you will see the stone in front.

Near the tree that holds Gamr:

Hellblade Lorestone 21

Lorestone 21: After following Dillions sol you will reach a tree from where you have to pull out the Gamr sword. Just take a left turn, don’t go near the tree, you will find the next stone on your right side in the water.

Hellblade Lorestone 22

Lorestone 22: In the same area walk ahead, on the left you will find the next stone.

Shard – Labyrinth:

Hellblade Lorestone 23

Lorestone 23: In the quest of first shard, you will land on to a huge beach, look on left and keep walking till the end.

Hellblade Lorestone 24

Lorestone 24: As you enter the area that seems like a maze with no light in the Shard quest, take a left turn towards the torch. Turn left once again, and another left for the stone.

Hellblade Lorestone 25

Lorestone 25: After getting the above one, turn around and take a right turn. Then turn left, and one more left from the torch ahead. Look straight for the stone.

Hellblade Lorestone 26

Lorestone 26: Look on the first image above, you have to reach this point first. Turn right, and then take another right. You will find the stone near the torch on the next right.

Shard – Swamp Area:

Hellblade Lorestone 27

Lorestone 27: In the next shard quest you will reach a Swamp area, there are two Arbor in the area, one will be on your right visible to you and another one on the left. Pass through the one on right side and walk towards the second Arbor, on the left you can see the stone.

Hellblade Lorestone 28

Lorestone 28: Go inside the hut, as seen in the above picture, and look on the first right for the stone.

Shard – Tower Area:

Hellblade Lorestone 29

Lorestone 29: In one of the shard quest you will reach a tower area with huge face that act as a portal between dark and light world. Now at the entrance of the Tower area you will see a face on your right. Go through that to the Light world and walk from the left to the wooden bridge, turn right, go up and look for the stone on the left side of main door.

Hellblade Lorestone 30

Lorestone 30: Return and pass through the face for dark world, now go the right side of locked door you will see broken walls, there is another face in that area. Look through that and you will see an open door ahead, cross that and on the left of stairs you will find another stone.

Hellblade Lorestone 31

Lorestone 31: After unlocking the door of tower area inside you will enter into a room of illusion. Look straight on the left of stairs.

Hellblade Lorestone 32

Lorestone 32: After collecting the above one, take the stairs on right and go up and look for the stone on the right column.

Hellblade Lorestone 33

Lorestone 33: At the center of the room you can see the face, look through that and take stairs on the left side. Go up and you will find another one there.

Hellblade Lorestone 34

Lorestone 34: This one is tricky but in the same area. After taking the above one, walk left and you will reach an iron bridge that will take you to the face at the center top of room. Look through that, cross the bridge and walk right. Pass through the door on end and second one on the right side. walk straight and turn right from end, and then take another right turn. Unlock the bridge and push it down. Once again focus through the face, and take the bridge that you had just unlocked it will be on your left. Walk through the window and look on your left.

Enter Helheim:

Hellblade Lorestone 35

Lorestone 35: Once you had completed all the shards you have to walk to the locked door that will take you inside Helhiem. Push and open it, there is another one inside. Open it also, goes straight up and you will find one stone in front.

Hellblade Lorestone 36

Lorestone 36: Inside the tower you have to run from the beast of darkness. Later you will have to cross a path which is filled with water and your torch ends. Now you have to run ahead to get another one, to avoid the beast. In the same area there is a stone stairs, go up after taking the torch. At the extreme end, there is a hole in the wall, go in that and you will find a stone.

Hellblade Lorestone 37

Lorestone 37: Come outside and then go down, keep running on the left, you will pass some bones on the ground, just ahead there is a stone in the dark.

Hellblade Lorestone 38

Lorestone 38: After losing Dillion’s skull Senua goes back to find it, ahead you will reach a locked door near the waterfall. There will be guards that will attack you. You will have to first unlock this door, then pass through the caves and you will reach areas with cells, on your right you will find the next stone.

Hellblade Lorestone 39

Lorestone 39: Just after getting the above one walk towards the next door near the water fall, on the left you will find a Lorestone between a torch and fallen metal cages.

Hellblade Lorestone 40

Lorestone 40: This one is easy to find, after unlocking the above door go inside and walk through the dark caves, just ahead you will see the stone on right.

Broken Bridge Area:

Hellblade Lorestone 41

Lorestone 41: Next, you will have to face the beast, and later you will reach an area with a broken bridge that leads to Hela. Climb up and pass through the caves, you will reach a path with two path on left and right. There are stone stairs on the right. Go up and you will find a stone on the left side.

Hellblade Lorestone 42

Lorestone 42: Go near the broken bridge, turn around and look on your right side, near the torch for the next stone.

Hellblade Lorestone 43

Lorestone 43: To fix the final piece of bridge you will have to unlock a hidden path by going on the bridge and looking in the upward direction. There is a passage that appears in the mountain, go in there you will enter an area with prisons, look on the right prison for stone.

Hellblade Lorestone 44

Lorestone 44: In the same area after collecting the above stone, turn around and walk into the hole in the wall on your right end near the torch. You will reach a circular room with stairs going up. This is the place where you find you passage, one on the top with stone, and one before it a battle area, where you will fight with guards to fix the final piece of bridge.

So these are all 44 Lorestones you can find in Hellblade, you can also read our Hellblade Wiki Guide for more tips on the game and full walkthrough.