Heroes vs Villains Mode Tips – Best Abilities And Death Match – Battlefront II

Heroes vs. Villains Mode in Star Wars Battlefront II brings a 4 vs. 4 death match where you can try out all abilities of a Hero or Villains you pick to play. It is tricky to find out at the start which character under these two categories is the strongest one. Well it doesn’t entirely rely on a single player to determine win or failure, it is a team work. But you can pick a specific character and use its ability in the best way to get edge over your opponent. In this guide you can find the details on those characters, their abilities and a list of which are the strongest to try out. We will start with the list of Heroes and Villains available in the game along with their abilities.

Battlefront II Heroes Villians

Battlefront II List of All Heroes, Villains and their Abilities


Rey: Rey uses Light saber, ideal for close combat. One of her best ability is simply sense the enemies around so it becomes really easy to spot and attack. Below is the list of all abilities.

Rey Abilities

  • Dash Strike: Charges forward with light saber held high causing high damage in way.
  • Mind Trick: Dazes nearby enemies and confused them for a brief period of time. This stops them from attacking.
  • Insight: Sense surroundings, revealing and highlighting all nearby enemies.

Han Solo: Han Solo uses a DL-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol. One of his best abilities is sticky explosive. Once thrown it can be detonated on will, so you can plant it well in the path of following target.

Han Solo Abilities

  • Detonite Charge: Throw a sticky explosive that can be detonated at will.
  • Sharpshooter: Fire blaster rapidly for a few seconds.
  • Shoulder Charge: Charges forward, knock and damaging the first enemy you hit.

Luke Skywalker: Luke uses a Light Saber with some extra powers. Like you can increase your speed for a rush attack, you can also push the enemy away in your range.

Luke Skywalker Abilities

  • Rush: Enhances speed and rushes to the attack.
  • Repulse: Deals damage to nearby enemies.
  • Push: Push enemies away.

Yoda: Yoda also uses a Light Saber as his primary weapon. Yoda is also one of the strongest heroes. The best ability you can get here is healing yourself and nearby allies that is crucial in a death match.

Yoda Abilities

  • Dash Attack: Leap forward and cause damage with light saber.
  • Unleash: Unleash the Force on the enemy in front and cause damage by pushing them.
  • Presence: Heal yourself and nearby allies.

Lando Calrissian: This smooth talking smuggler can also be your first choice due to his abilities. Lando can throw smoke grenade to hide himself, but still it can see the enemies in it, that makes it a powerful opponent when it comes to ambush. You can also focus and unload powerful shot on five enemies in a single time. Finally you can also disrupt enemy radars to confuse them.

Lando Calrissian Abilities

  • Smoke Grenade: Hide in Smoke, but you can spot enemies in it clearly.
  • Sharp Shot: Focus and unloads powerful shots on up to five enemies.
  • Disabler: Throw a device to disrupt enemy radars, scout an area, and detonate the device to send a shock on nearby foes.

Leia Organa: The princess who is behind the Rebellion. If you choose to be Leia then you can take benefit from Squad Shield. This is a good defensive ability that helps you to deploy a shield at your location. It will protect you as well as your allies.

Leia Organa Abilities

  • Rapid Fire: Launch a stream of blaster fire.
  • Squad Shield: Deploy a shield on location. Defend everyone.
  • Flash Grenade: An explosive grenade that blinds and confuses foes.


Darth Vader: The lord of Dark side, Darth Vader is a very powerful villain in Battlefront 2. He uses a light saber to block attacks from opponents. He can also choke his enemies for a small period of time.

Darth Vadar Abilities

  • Focused Rage: Deal damage and absorb punishment.
  • Saber Throw: Throw light saber at enemies.
  • Force Choke: Use the iconic Force choke to lift, damage, and drop enemies.

Iden Versio: The head of Imperial Special Force Unit Inferno Squad, a charming but ruthless killer. She is an expert pilot and soldier. You can use her to play a defensive battle, use her shield ability to block opponent’s attack, fire long range cannon shot for heavy damages.

Iden Versio Abilities

  • Droid Shield: Create a protective shield around you.
  • Pulse Cannon: Fires long range, charged shots for heavy damage.
  • Stun Droid: Use Droid to stuns the enemy. The stun can chain to nearby enemies also.

Darth Maul: Use the flashing blades of Darth Maul to unleash heavy damage on the enemies around. You can use the high velocity light saber spin attack to instantly bring down an opponent. He also owns the Choke Hold power and can throw light saber to damage anyone in front of him.

Darth Maul Abilities

  • Spin Attack: Unleash a high velocity light saber spin attack, cutting down enemies in his path as you move forward.
  • Choke Hold: Can choke a few enemies in close range. The choke ends with enemies being thrown to the ground.
  • Furious Throw: Throw your light saber straight on anyone in front, can damage enemies it touches.

Emperor Palpatine: If you want to play magical then this one can be your choice. Emperor Palpatine does not carry any weapon, he uses his powers to target opponent. Like Chain Lightning, where you can strike a target but this can also hit opponents nearby. You can also summon a Dark Aura, which will damage anyone around and slow him down. Finally you can attack with electrical energy and immobile them.

Emperor Palpatine Abilities

  • Chain Lightning: Force lightning strikes a target and then spreads to hit other nearby enemies.
  • Dark Aura: Summon a Force Energy area around you, this will damage and slow down enemies around.
  • Electrocute: Immobilizes enemies in front with electrical energy.

Bossk: If you are playing Bossk, a lizard type looking alien, you will be get weapons like a Grenade that can release poison gas. You can use his heat vision on micro grenades. You can also use three sticky mines that can be detonated on will.

Bossk Abilities

  • Dioxis Grenade: Grenade that releases a cloud of poison gas.
  • Predator Instincts: Get heat vision and enhanced strength as you loads high-damage micro grenades.
  • Proximity Mines: Three sticky mines that detonate on command.

Boba Fett: You get to use a jet pack here, and the fuel is unlimited, that means you can fly higher and n advance can get the location of enemies in the area. You can also shoot concussion rockets to attack.

Boba Fett Abilities

  • For the Hunt: Disappear from enemy’s radar, get unlimited jet pack fuel, and get insight into the location of nearby foes.
  • Concussion Rocket: Fire a single concussion rocket that dazes enemies.
  • Rocket Barrage: Small rockets launch from wrist.

Kylo Ren: Use the light saber to destroy enemies in your path. By ability of leaping fast you can simply target multiple enemies one by one. You can also immobilize enemy for a short while or just pull them towards you.

Kylo Ren Abilities

  • Frenzy: Leap from enemy to enemy, attacking with blade.
  • Freeze: Immobilizes enemies in front.
  • Pull: Pull enemies near.

Battlefront II The Most Powerful Heroes & Villains

Above you can get info on all the heroes and villains ability and this will also help you to understand which the best ones are. In this part we had listed those which can be really powerful when it comes to Heroes vs. Villains mode. Remember you can change your character after dying, so you can try out different one.

Darth Maul: The point behind choosing this character if you are in villains team, is his powerful dual blade, the spin attack is pretty awesome. Once anyone get caught in his range, you can destroy the opponent in now time. You can also throw the light saber for more damage. But remember the abilities of this character are limited in long range fights.

Boba Fett: He is the only character with concussion rocket. If you have one of these in your team, you can use this ability to stun the opponents in your path and other can attack. This strategy always works, when you are in a group along with Boba Fett.

Yoda: Don’t go with the size, the reason to have Yoda in your team is the healing ability. Yoda can heal himself and nearby allies in the match which is like having multiple chances even if you are heavily damage. Yoda can keep your team members alive for a longer period of time. Yoda can also instantly free up caught up heroes by pushing them with force.

Lando Calrissian: Lando has a very powerful weapon that can bring down any villain if you are able to get a head shot. One shot and opponent is down so this can be very beneficial.

Heroes vs. Villains Some Quick Tips:

Once you are aware about the player’s ability you can choose them wisely and try to keep the strong one always in your team. This will help you to strategize your match and everyone else will be familiar with what those powerful heroes or villains can do. Below are some quick tips you can try out.

Do not run away here and there, your team can have only four members, try to stick together. Higher number of players together can easily attack and kill single opponents. Avoid staying away from your squad for a long period of time.

You always have a chance to change your character, in case you are unable to use a character abilities effectively switch them on.

Players who do not carry shooting weapons like a pistol or rifle, must always ambush and stay ahead of others. They can open up a path and reveal the locations of opponents. Also they must be fast in blocking attacks. Players with weapons can use grenades, etc to unleash a powerful attack.

Hope you find the guide really helpful under Heroes vs. Villains mode of Battlefront 2. For more info and updates on the game you can read our Battlefront II Wiki.