Mission 8: Hill 493 Walkthrough – Call of Duty WWII

In Seventh Mission Death Factory of Call of Duty WWII, after surviving from the city, Turner takes his platoons towards the forest where they have to take control over Hill 493. This is a competitive mission, there are heavy guns that you have to destroy, so in this mission, you have to be very active.

Hill 493 Walkthrough (Hurtgen, Germany)

Capture the Hill


Follow Turner, this is a heavy combat area, the attack will be from all corner. So take cover behind the trees and shoot the enemies you spot ahead. You can see them through the woods standing near the rocks. Keep killing them as your platoon advances ahead. You will see three markers ahead, you have to eliminate these MG’s. Follow the rocks and keep moving ahead, look on your left and right for the soldiers. If you stay at the extreme left you can survive the battle. First Machine Gun will be on the right top side, after killing them move and take the other two.

Escort the Engineer


In the second phase of the fight, stay with the engineer and cover him. Clear path for him. Rocks around are the best way to take cover. If there are too many enemies ahead, use Grenades on them. Once you clear the path you have to command the Engineer move ahead. If he is killed carry the explosive towards the artillery.

Destroy the Artillery

Gather ammunition and move ahead, you will reach a Trench which is full of soldiers. So do not ambush in, instead stay behind and kill them. They will keep on coming up. A few more of them will be on the left side. you will also find a med kit. Interact with the gun on your right side, then move ahead, and in near the door you will spot some enemies, use a flamethrower here. As you open the door, you will spot more soldiers you have to clear the area. There will be a second gun on your right, you can only interact if you are able to kill all the enemies. This is the second last gun you have to take down.

Disable the Tank

More soldiers will enter in the trench, and there will be a tank. You will have to quietly go behind and use the Thermite on it. This is to disable the tank, but it will still be active. Take cover and shoot down the enemies coming up. You will have to stay in a position and shoot down enemies, once done you will spot the final gun. But there will be a tank also, get to the backside and one more time using a plant a Thermite. Use Turner’s gun to save him. You will have to drag Turner and keep shooting the enemies who will advance from the front side. after a while, there will be a cutscene.

Mission Hill 493 does not end with Turner’s death. You can read our walkthrough on the next Mission Battle of the Bulge. You can also go through our Call of Duty: WWII Wiki guide for more tips and updates on the game.