Hitman 2016: Paris Showstopper Walkthrough, Assassination, Opportunities Tips and Tricks Guide

Hitman is back with a Reboot where the Agent 47 will be set 20 years back inside a secret training facility(International Contact Agency). We all had our Hands-on this training in the Beta, if not then we have another article and to know more about the Beta you can check Here. Stepping forward to the present Day where you get your Contact at Sanguine Fashion Show and take down the Two Most morally-corrupt VIPs.

Paris Showstopper

You can only be able to access this Paris Episode if you have completed the Training and the Final Test Part. Once you Start with this Contact you will be aware of the ruthless Viktor Novikov and His partner in crime and Master Mind Dahlia Morgolis. You Find both in a Paris Showstopper Event and the Missions Start as you get inside the Show Entrance.

From Here on the Game is totally based on Dynamic decisions you make throughout the Game and depending on your play style as Many prefer to play as a Professional Killer Contact Stealth Mode while rest just play to goof around, Explore the Map and Mass Murdering. Those Who are new to the series will have plenty of things to experiment the area, opportunities, clues, and overall mechanics. So Here we will show you how to Complete the Walkthrough with maximum opportunities explored.

Hitman Walkthrough

Your Primary Goal is to Assassinate Viktor Novikov and Dahlia which I am sure you will know how to as you keep on exploring the area and Evesdropping on the other People’s Conversation. The Game is dumped with full of challenges, equipment and weapons and most importantly the Disguise that makes you Level look Unique. We have dozens of opportunities in there but we have few which we feel you must try out.

How to Get Access Anywhere in the Paris Fashion Show

You must be using different Disguise if you had alarmed or alerted suspicious in the crowd. If you are dressed like the default Tuxedo then you are restricted to travel certain levels, but what if you want to explore all the Map with just one Disguise? Yes, that is possible, all you need to do is Eliminate Helmut Kruger a Fashion Superstar and most importantly you both Share same looks so no worries about the Suspicious act anymore.

You can find him out of the Garden where he will be busy in a photo shoot. The Same place where you see the Helicopter parked. He is without security and this the best part as he walks near the garden simply follow him take him down and then dump his body in the River. Now you are immortal and no one will detect you excluding the Fire room with weapons(Second Floor).

The Opportunities

An Invitation UpStairs

There is an IAGO Auction going on Third Floor so either you can get the Invitation to get upstairs or Helmut Kruger’s Disguise. Doing so will open other options to deal with Dahlia Morgolis. To get the Invitation you must head right from the Grand Staircase then escape from the open door at the back again take a right and you will find two women busy gossiping.

Once they finish their conversation simply follow the young Women. She will be leaving her IAGO Auction invitation there so just grab it, proceed to the Third Floor and enter the Auction. Being the guest you can plot your next move at leisure and you will be open to number to Opportunities like:

  • A Break From the Auction
  • To Your Very Good Health
  • A Permanent Break
  • The Mysterious Mr. Reaper

A Temperamental Model
How to Unlock: Disguise as Helmut Kruger and Kill Sebastian Sato with Scissors.

Explosive Meetings
How to Unlock: Disguise as Bodyguard and take Down Max Decker and Viktor Novikov with Explosives.

Print Is Dead
How to Unlock: While in Tuxedo, Assassinate the Blogger with her own Camera.

The Sheikh’s Stunning Headshot
How to Unlock: Disguise as Sheikh and Assassinate Helmut Kruger with Sniper Rifle

When No One Else Dares
How to Unlock: Complete The Showstopper

15 Seconds of Fame

This is what we are talking about earlier to get Disguise into a very famous Fashion Model Helmut Kruger. Then You are free to walk on Thrid Floor where you can head inside Dahlia Morgolis’s Room and look for her private laptop to be malfunctioned. Follow the Secretary from her room and she will reveal how the auction can be stopped permanently by hacking it.

You need to Find the Laptop Dongle from the weapons Room, but make sure you crouch as they can detect you with any disguise. Just Grab the dongle and plug it into her laptop and once the server goes down her secretary will run away and Dahlia will be one her way to her Room. This will make it easy to take her down, simply hide behind the white board then first distract the Guard, take him down and then Assassinate Dahlia with ease.

The Showstopper

Here you need to Assassinate Viktor Novikov in a light rig accident. This will not only kill Viktor, but also the bunch of dead bystanders all in the accident. You need to get behind the stage and examine the Stage Schedule, then locate Designer Sato(purple guy) and Assassinate him then either you get the IAGO Auction invitation or Disguise as Helmut Kruger to get up to the Third Floor. Get inside the Weapon Room(Right to the Stairs) and manage to trespass the guards and move forward.

This will reveal the Lights Out Opportunity then trip back to the First Floor and climb on the Stage(Lighting Rig), wait for the Viktor to come on Stage(This might take time). Once he comes on the Stage and Start Talking you can pull the lever to drop the Light Rig Down and watch the Show.

Well Prepared
How to Unlock: Select a Starting Location and use an Agency Pickup to smuggle an item into Paris.

Meeting the Reaper
How to Unlock: Become Tobias Reaper.

  1. Start the mission with your normal suit.
  2. Go to the back of the building.
  3. Climb the pipe up to the third floor.
  4. Enter the building and go into the room in which the auction takes place.
  5. Sit down one of the empty seats.

So Many Ways to Stop the Show
How to Unlock: Complete all Opportunities in The Showstopper.

City of Light
How to Unlock: Reach Paris Mastery Level 20.

Once you Complete the Paris Showstopper Level, many new challenges will be unlocked with different starting location, weapons, disguise and more. Increase your Master level by completing these challenges and keep experimenting on this level. Let us know if you have any doubts about the level or have something to share about this Game. Enjoy.