Hitman – How to Find the Speedboat Key in Landslide

When playing Hitman, there’s nothing worse than pulling off the perfect assassination, only realize that you’ve forgotten to plan your getaway. This happened to me recently in Landslide, and although I did manage to murder Marco Abiatti, that kind of stress is not good for this virtual assassin. That’s what inspired me to do a guide on where to find the Speedboat Key in Landslide.

Speedboat Key Location

HItman Landslide Speedboat Key Location

Players can find the Speedboat Key very close to where they spawn, and no tricks are required to grab it. From your default starting position at the railing, turn around to about your seven o’clock and head north. There will be a political display at the foot of the small steps that lead to the church. You’ll find the Speedboat Key on the ground in front of one of the tables. You can pick it up and take it with you without having to worry about anyone having a meltdown.

Speedboat Key Location for Hitman Landslide

To use the Speedboat Key, you must know where the Speedboat is when you’re trying to exit the mission. Again, it’s very close to your default starting location. When you spawn in, the Speedboat is located at about your 12 o’clock. If you were to walk south across the beach, the Speedboat would be found sitting idle at a dock just off the main pier.

The Speedboat is an appealing exit based entirely on the fact your target, Marco Abiatti, spends the bulk of his time near the beach and the church, right beside the Speedboat exit. Of course, if you decide to off this fool on the other side of town, you might want to know how to get the Car Key in Landslide.