Hitman – The Source Silent Assassin Suit Only


This guide will show you how to complete The Source mission in Hitman, earning the Silent Assassin, Suit Only rating in the process. This new mission is part of the Patient Zero campaign, which players must purchase before it becomes available to them.

The Source – Silent Assassin, Suit Only

Hitman The Source Silent Assassin Suit Only
The Source Planning Screen • In-Game • Fair Use

Before you begin, set your loadout to bring the ICA Silverballer, Modern Lethal Syringe, and the Remote Breaching Charges. You don’t need a smuggled item, and your starting location will be the Hotel Front Terrace.

Exit the cut scene immediately and head into the hotel. Turn right before you reach the front desk and go into the restaurant area. You’ll take a left as soon as you’re through the door, going up the stairs and taking the first left at the top. Run forward until you reach a stairwell. Head up to the top floor and you’ll be at the event.

HItman The Source Silent Assassin Suit Only
Go Time • In-Game • Fair Use

As you head through the first door and into the event, go through the curtain and run to the far end of the room. On your right is a bathroom. Go inside and grab the Lethal Poison Pill Jar. Exit the bathroom and turn left, running back the way you came. Instead of going through the same door, however, go through the one on the right.

Hitman The Source Silent Assassin Suit Only
Lethal Poison Pill Jar • In-Game • Fair Use

To your right will be a display with a staff member standing beside it. Run past the staff member, ducking to the right before he can spot you. The area to his right is considered trespassing, so just duck as you pass and tuck in behind him. You shouldn’t get spotted doing this. If you do, though, you can just restart the mission and try again. You never know when you’ll get an unlucky head turn.

Hitman The Source Silent Assassin Suit Only
Breaching Charge Distractions • In-Game • Fair Use

You’ll find yourself just outside closed double doors. Take out your Remote Breaching Charge and open the doors. Throw one of the Remote Breaching Charges in the middle of the room. Once a guard bends to pick it up, throw the second Remote Breaching Charge into the room. The other guard will move to pick that one up. Close the double doors and snap into cover on the right side of them. The two guards will carry the Remote Breaching Charges out of that room, leaving it empty and ready for you to work.

Hitman The Source Silent Assassin Suit Only
Sister Yulduz • In-Game • Fair Use

Your first target, Sister Yulduz, is probably already in the room and using her phone at this point. Sneak behind her and use the silent attack to inject her with the Modern Lethal Syringe. Drag her body into the room just to the right of where she was standing.

Hitman The Source Silent Assassin Suit Only
Oybek Nabazov • In-Game • Fair Use

Start to leave the room and run back toward the door from where you threw the two Remote Breaching Charges. Before you get here, though, stop and poison the glass of red win on the cart by the stairs using the Lethal Poison Pill Jar you snagged from the bathroom. This will set up Oybek Nabazov, your second target, to die.

You don’t need to wait around. From here you can simply retrace your steps to leave the hotel and exit via the boat on the dock. Oybek Nabazov will most likely die while you’re running out, but nothing needs your attention in that regard.

If you’ve followed this guide carefully, you’ll now have the Silent Assassin, Suit Only challenge done for The Source. Because you used poison to kill both your targets, you’ll also have the Purgatory challenge done as well. You should also have the run done in about three and a half minutes, although maybe you can get improve on the method.

Thanks to MrFreeze2244. His strategy was used to create this walkthrough. The man has many great Hitman videos that can help you with almost every challenge in the game, so be sure to visit him if you’re stuck on something else.

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