Horizon Zero Dawn – All Cauldrons Location, Where To Find Them

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In the Horizon Zero Dawn, there are four types of Cauldrons are found in the mountains around the perimeter of the map in the order of Sigma, Rho, Xi, and Zeta with increasing difficulty. The Cauldrons are used to override the different machines. The first three cauldrons begin with platforming puzzles and then boss fight with a heavy machine. Each cauldron consists a bunch of medicine pack pickups, collect them all before reaching the end. The following guide shows the locations of Cauldrons in the game.

Cauldrons Location - Horizon Zero Dawn

Location of Cauldrons & How to Override and Mount machines:

Cauldron Sigma:

This is the first Cauldron found in the North of Mother’s Crown which is like an introductory cauldron. You can either take the guards down or avoid them stealthily. If you have difficulty to jump to the platform, jump to catch the assembly line of the machine hovering overhead to get on and ride to the next destination. Make sure to collect loots from glowing pyramids and Metal Shards.

When you reach the end, you will find large machine, energy shield and guards patrolling the perimeter. Take them down before getting down, then come down then climb any of the pillars to use the staff to start the override, which will set the Fire Bellowback in the center free. The Fire Bellowback body is weak against freeze damage. To make some damage you can target the cargo sac on its back, curved throat area and also you can target the blaze canister at the base of its tail which would cause great damage. Once you take it down, override the terminal in the center of the area which will unlock new machines to override for you in the game.

Cauldron RHO:

This is the second Cauldron found in the South of the center of the map, East of the Greatlands Camp. This cauldron is a bit difficult than previous one, while in the platforming department, shoot at the rotating wheels in the center with an arrow, on the walls to make them run in reversed direction. You will find Sawtooths patrol the halls, use the stealth to avoid them.

To get to the next chamber, past all the Sawtooths and find an override portal at the base of the gate to open the energy gate. Now head to the second level and ride any rotating wheels to the next level. Make sure to pick some healing plants on your way. When you reach the chamber, you will find some Snapmaws in the energy shield. Take them down by tagging blaze canisters with tearaway arrows to expose them and fire arrows to make them explode. After taking them down, climb up the pillar in the center and override to get a new lineup of overridable machines.

Cauldron XI:

This is the third Cauldron found in the Southwesternmost part of the map, directly south of Meridian. In this Cauldron, you will have to deal with human cultist enemies over machines. You can take them down with well-placed headshots while sticking to weeds.

Once you are done with them, find the pillar in the center to override. After that, you need to defend the pillar for about 2 minutes as machines and cultists will find your location. The cultists and machines will fight each other, meanwhile, you need to concentrate on taking down the leader with a strong weapon first, then get the weapon and use against humans and machine. You need to hold them for 2 minutes then you will be able to override the pillar to get some new machines to override.

Cauldron Zeta:

This is the fourth Cauldron found in the Northwest Corner of the map, just the southeast of Maker’s End. In order to enter the front door, you need to take down the two enemies first. The front door has an energy wall, you will find a rock pillar which you need to climb to get to the cave opening at the top, which leads you to Cauldron Zeta.

Now you need to keep going until you come across the Thunderjaw, take down the guards on the ground level of the boss area first. In order to take the Thunderjaw down, you can use the Tearblast Arrows. Once Thunderjaw leaves the energy shield, then light up the two-disc launchers on its back with Tearblast Arrows and then pick them up to use them against him. You need to land as many disc launcher shots as possible to take Thunderjaw down.

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