Horizon Zero Dawn Walkthrough Quest: City of Sun, Makers End and Field of Fallen

Horizon: Zero Dawn

After fighting with the cultist group who was responsible for killing happened at Proving, Aloy moves ahead to know more about what is happening around. She heads toward the city of Meridian first and also locates a ruin that reveals mysterious women who look like her.

Horizon Zero Dawn Part 4 Walkthrough

Main Quest 10: The City of the Sun

In this quest, Aloy enters the fort and on the left fight Captain Balahn and talk to him about Meridian to locate Olin. A guy with the broken focus in Proving. So the first objective is head towards Meridian. This will be a long walk, meet the commander. And later ask him to meet Erend and talk to him to take you to Olin’s place.

Horizon Zero Dawn Part 4 Guide

Follow him to Olin’s place and investigate his apartment using Focus. Find the hatch, to open it go up and on the right, there is stair rope, go up and push the block of metals down to break the hatch door. Below is his secret workshop, you will find a data point that will reveal Olin’s wife and child are captive. Next look for the map on the wall and journal on the table check it and then finally Talk to Erend.

Horizon Zero Dawn Part 4 Guide

The next objective is to head toward the Excavation site to locate Olin, take down few enemies and finally, you will be able to see Olin. Once the focus is disabled kill all the corruptors and cultist in the area. Use the focus to locate the cultist first, take them down from a high altitude. Second, you can fight with the corruptors. Once you are done talk to Olin. This will be the end of this quest.

Main Quest 11: Maker’s End

In this quest, you need to head toward the Maker’s end. In path, you can fight with Rockbreaker that can hide inside the ground and attack you. Its weak section is at the backside and below. Once it pops out you will get the chance to attack. You can use freeze bombs to slow it down. Or you can move ahead of the objective. Reach the ruins, and there are ample of holistic machines in the path. Take a strider to evade them easily.

Go to the ruins, and investigate the explosion in the area. The next cinematic shows the Eclipse officer using Deathbringer, a lethal huge machine. The next objective is to kill the entire cultist in the area along with the machine. An easy way is to first kill the cultists first one by one in a stealth mode. So that you generate any alert. Use the focus to take down distant enemies first. The Dealthbringer has enough weak points. if you are out of range, you can take less damage. Use the grass in the area to kill watchers also. Once you start attacking the Deathbringer take the guns first. Finally, loot the officer.

Horizon Zero Dawn Part 4 Guide

The next thing is to investigate the rubble, on the right side of Deathbringer you will find a passage. Enter the place for next cinematic. Aloy gets access to the huge locked door first shown to her by Teersa. She was Doctor Sobeck. Enter the area and examine the place. Head towards Ted Faro’s office and examine the area. It is on the top side, you have to make your way from ruins and climb up ladders. On the right side there is a broken machine, examine it and further move scan data points. Refer the hologram for information. Finally, exit the place and talk to Sylens. This is the end of this quest.

Main Quest 12: The Field of the Fallen

In the quest head toward Red Ridge Pass to meet Erend, where you will notice holistic machines, take them down and chat with him. Next, follow him towards the battlefield, examine the place. There is a Thicket you can locate via Focus. Use the device and follow the cart tracks.

Horizon Zero Dawn Part 4 Guide

Both are attacked by Erend’s tribe. Try to take cover and use the arrows to take them down one by one. Kill all the attackers in the area and next kill the machines. There is a sawtooth, which can also fire lasers, so try to dodge its attacks. Next, use the focus to investigate the rocks on the ambush site. The next objective is to investigate the blood stains in the area and bits of leather. There are also weapons scattered around and a tripod. At the end gets back to Erend. This is the end of this quest.

This was the end of Horizon Zero Dawn Part 4 Walkthrough, after scanning the ruins of Makers end she learns a lot of the robots. Also, she parts with Erends and ahead she will be with him on the mission to locate his sister. You can also refer to our Horizon: Zero Down Wiki Guide for more tips and guides or continues with Horizon: Zero Dawn Part 5 Walkthrough with next three quests The Grave-Hoard, Into the Borderlands and The Sun Shall Fall.