Horizon Zero Dawn Walkthrough Quest: Gift from the Past, Lessons of the Wild and Point of the Spear

Horizon Zero Dawn Rare Loot

At the start of Horizon Zero Dawn you get to see a lot of cinematic and you will learn basic moves, hunting’s, trading, crafting etc. This part has three below. Some quest will take your time in conversation, but most of them are easy to finish.

Horizon Zero Dawn Part 1 Walkthrough

Main Quest 1: A Gift from the Past Walkthrough

In the quest try to find stairs around in the cave go up and follow the path where at the end you can see a few bunch of bats on the roof. There is a dead person below, examine to get Focus, a portable computer that holds augmented reality system to help Aloy to find her path and also help to find strength and weakness of enemies.

Horizon Zero Dawn Part 1 Guide

To escape there is a metal door in the area, you will need to use the Holo Lock that is on the other side of room. Use the marker on the screen to reach it. Turn it counter-clockwise and get back to the door follow the same thing. Reach the next location to examine a data point and exist the cave for next cinematic. There are ample of data points in the cave, if you want you can examine around. This part will also teach the controls.

Main Quest 2: Lessons of the Wild Walkthrough

In the next one Rost takes Aloy for hunting where he also teaches her to gather medicines. He also teaches an important tactic of hiding in tall grass to avoid Watchers noticing you. Move with rost and follow his instructions for harvesting the hunted watcher and other items for crafting weapon.

Horizon Zero Dawn Part 1 Guide

Another objective of this second quest is to understand the path of machines, Aloy has to quietly move towards the wounded boy and help him avoiding the machines path using Focus. The next thing is to learn Flashpoints that will offer Aloy moments of choice.

Horizon Zero Dawn Part 1 Guide

Main Quest 3: The Point of the Spear Walkthrough

After Aloy is ready to fight her own path, in the next quest she has to locate Rost. This mission also unlocks the skill section with new skills unlocked as you reach higher levels. Also after the next cinematic you can access the maps and trade. You have to craft a fire arrow, refer the map for location and complete the mission objectives to move ahead. Finally meet Karst and get the next objective, for getting a Tripcaster that can be traded against Scrapper Lens. The fire place around are your checkpoints, by burning them you can save the point and in case you die you can conclude back from the location.

Horizon Zero Dawn Part 1 Guide

The next objective is to follow the path to destruction. Ross takes Aloy further in the wild to deal with Sawtooth. The weakness of this machine is in the cylinder on the belly. Tripcaster will help you to shun the enemy for a while, and then you can attack on it. Lay the trap using Tripcaster and use fire allows attacking the weak point. This will give you an easy kill.

This was the end of Horizon Zero Dawn Part 1 Walkthrough, at the end Aloy learns a new weapon that will be further used in the next quest to take down Sawtooth. This You can refer to our Horizon: Zero Down Wiki Guide for more tips and guides or continues with Horizon: Zero Dawn Part 2 Walkthrough with next three quests Mothers Heart, The Proving and The Womb of the Mountain.