Horizon Zero Dawn Walkthrough Quest: Seeker At Gates, War Chief Trail and Revenge of the Nora

After defeating the demon in the last quest, Aloy gets an override device, she then heads towards to test a device that can control other mechanical creatures. She later meets a war chief, who later helps her in revenge of Nora by killing the cultist group

Horizon Zero Dawn Part 3 Walkthrough

Main Quest 7: A Seeker at the Gates

Pass the get to find a Strider and test the device on it. Just outside you can save the game. on the right you can also find a trader, you can spend some shared on buying new weapons. Head toward to find a strider, hide till one comes near and test the device on it. Ride the strider and reach to talk to Varl for the next quest.

Horizon Zero Dawn Part 3 Guide

You have to find Marea at Mothers crown, which mostly includes a conversation part. The next objective you will get is to clear two corrupted zones by killing hostile machines and later head towards the Carja border fort. Where first you will have a deal with huge corrupter scrapper. Later head towards the fort and talk to the commander. This is the end of the quest.

Main Quest 8: The War-Chief’s Trail

For the quest goes the massacre site first, you can use the strider for a faster reach. Examine the corrupted watcher corpse and investigate the field using the Focus. Next, you have to locate the survivor and talk to him. Finally, head towards Sona’s last location and examine the place. The objective is to search for paths in the place, using focus you can look around to find more clues. Finally, follow the tracks and look for the dead sawtooth at the edge of cliff. Finally, you will meet Sona, follow her.

Horizon Zero Dawn Part 3 Guide

The next objective is to kill the cultist and the corrupted machines, you can go with an easy way, by simply using a fire arrow from the top of the mountain. There are ample of them in yellow icons. You can go down using the rope, and further kill all which are remaining. The next objective is to head towards the Dig site and investigate it. use the focus to find a datapoint and later head back to Sona and Varl. This is the end of this quest.

Main Quest 9: Revenge of the Nora

Aloy gets a clue from the datapoint and head towards the base Devil’s Grief to take down the killers who killed Rost in Proving. The quest begins path that will lead toward Red Echoes. In path, you will encounter a few rogue machines like sawtooth and watchers. As you reach the next objective is to clear three camps in the area, you can see them on the map. the area is filled with hostile machines and killers. So playing in stealth will be better.

Horizon Zero Dawn Part 3 Guide

The first aim is to disable the alarm, you can use the focus to find the alarm location in the camp area. For watchers, you can hide in the grass, and kill them one by one by distracting. The same can be done with the bandits who around the camps. There are also canisters that can be used to create an explosion and kill anywhere nearby. Use them wisely. Once you are done disabling all the alarms head towards the tallest tower and met the war chief. After a small conversation follows Varl and look for the metal ring. Use the focus for enemy location.

The objective to find a metal link for a view of the blaze is again a stealth type mission. Varl will be with you, so keep following him and take the down the enemies in path. Next sneak to the blaze, the area is filled with bandits and corruptors, so you have to plan your way instead of ambushing. Use the tall grass to hide and distract the enemies near. Finally, when you are near to the blaze, you can use a fire arrow to blow it up.

Horizon Zero Dawn Part 3 Guide

Kill the remaining cultist and machines in the area. This time there is a big one to destroy that you can use a few freeze bombs, and use the focus to locate the weak point. Attack constantly. You have to dodge its attack. Ropecaster is a good weapon to slow it down, it will give you enough time to attack. Finally after taking them down the mission is over.

This was the end of Horizon Zero Dawn Part 3 Walkthrough, at the end Aloy seeks revenge for Nora tribes by taking down the cultist group who was responsible for killing at Proving. It also took the life of Rost. You can refer to our Horizon: Zero Down Wiki Guide for more tips and guides or continues with Horizon: Zero Dawn Part 4 Walkthrough with next three quests The City of the Sun, Maker’s End and The Field of the Fallen