Horizon Zero Dawn Wiki: Mission Walkthrough, Tips and Tricks, Collectibles Location, How-To

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Horizon Zero Dawn is the latest PS4 exclusive Action role-playing game that takes you a vast universe of holistic machines and tribal warriors. You play as Aloy an outcast of Nora Tribe. The game has a huge map to cover, with unique mechanical creatures that rule the place. This guide has a full list of the walkthrough that covers the major main quest followed by some tips.

Horizon Zero Dawn

The game has a conversation mechanism, where when you talk to the character you can get some side activities, quest, and missions. Otherwise, the main quest is pretty easy to understand. By following the marker on the screen, you can reach the destination and also use fast travel through the map once you finish the quest.

Horizon Zero Dawn Quest Walkthrough:

The game does not have a chapter, instead, it has the Main quest and once you complete the next one is unlocked. So we had divided into different parts with three quests each.

  • Chapter 1: Main Quest Gift from the Past, Lessons of the Wild and Point of the Spear
  • Chapter 2: Main Quest Mothers Heart, The Proving, and Womb of the Mountain
  • Chapter 3: Seeker At Gates, War Chief, and Revenge of the Nora
  • Chapter 4: City of Sun, Makers End, and Field of Fallen
  • Chapter 5: Grave-Hoard, Into Borderlands and Sun Shall Fall
  • Chapter 6: To Curse The Darkness, Deep Secrets of the Earth and The Terror of the Sun
  • Final Chapter: The Heart of the Nora, The Mountain that Fell, The Looming Shadow and The Face of Extinction

Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wild Main Quest Walkthrough

  • Into The Frozen: This is the beginning quest which is nothing more than an introduction, this will also open up a few side quests as you talk to people in Banuk’s Tribe.
  • The Shaman’s Path: This is the next main quest where Aloy will be trying to locate Trails of Ourea who is hidden somewhere in the valley.
  • For The Werak: After finding Ourea, Aloy will be challenging the Banuk Tribes Chieftians, in order to get access to Thunder’s Drum.
  • Forge of Winter Ending: This is the final part, you will have to play a few quest around so that you can unlock this one. In this part, Aloy will be getting into the Cauldron inspecting CYAN the AI’s problem.

Collectibles Location

  • Banuk Figures: There are 6 Banuk Figures scattered mostly around the mountain areas. Refer the guide for their locations.
  • All Cauldrons Location, Where To Find Them
  • Power Cell Locations: Easily find all Power Cells and also Unlock The Shield Weaver Outfit
  • Sidequests: Guide for all Side Quest Errands Locations.
  • Animal Figurine Locations: You can collect around 6 Animal Figurines in the game, in this guide you can find locations of each of them.



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