How does Z-Moves Works and tricks for Pokemon Sun and Moon

Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon are the first pairs of games of Generation VII and with a new generation of role-playing video games we have new features included. On August 1, 2016, a new type of move known as Z-moves was announced as a powerful move that can only be used once during battle. Here is the list of all Z-Moves and how you can perform, and working details.

How does Z-Moves Works and tricks

How does Z-Moves Works

Z-Moves are used only once for each battle and they can be activated with a special item called a Z-Crystal and a Z-Ring. The Z-Ring is technically a white Mega Ring but instead of holding a Key Stone, it holds a Z-Crystal. You gain Z-Crystals as you travel through Alola and surmount certain challenges. Now all Pokemon will be able to fully unleash they Z-Moves.

There are 18 Z-Crystals that will respond to 18 Pokemon types in the series. Having said that, we confirm that any Pokemon can use Z-Moves which has this crystal unlock as far they know at least one attack that matches Z-Crystal’s element type. In Pokemon Sun and Moon, there are only 8 Pokemon which are Z-Crystal specific, but as we mentioned they must know the specific move in order to unleash their full power.

List of All Crystal Moves and Details

Breakneck Blitz

  • Type: Normal
  • Output: Ultimate Normal-type damage

All-Out Pummeling

  • Type: Fighting
  • Output: All-Out Pummelling appears to be a Fighting-type

Never-Ending Nightmare

  • Type: Ghost
  • Output: Ultimate Ghost-type damage

Inferno Overdrive

  • Type: Fire
  • Output: Ultimate Fireball that grows in size

Hydro Vortex

  • Type: Water
  • Output: Ultimate blast of water, which transforms into a powerful water tornado

Bloom Doom

  • Type: Grass
  • Output: Unleashing a powerful vortex of flower petals

Gigavolt Havoc

  • Type: Electric
  • Output: Allows the user to unleash an arrow-shaped electric blast

Continental Crush

  • Type: Rock
  • Output: Opponent is smashed by a massive boulder

Tectonic Rage

  • Type: Ground
  • Output: User strikes the opponent into a Tectonic Plate at full force

Savage Spin-Out

  • Type: Bug
  • Output: User wraps up the opponent in a cocoon and slices into them

Shattered Psyche

  • Type: Psychic
  • Output: Ultimate Psychic-type damage

Devastating Drake

  • Type: Dragon
  • Output: Ultimate Dragon-type damage

Black Hole Eclipse

  • Type: Dark
  • Output: Ultimate Dark-type damage

Subzero Slammer

  • Type: Ice
  • Output: Ultimate Ice-type damage

Acid Downpour

  • Type: Poison
  • Output: Ultimate Poison-type damage

Supersonic Skystrike

  • Type: Flying
  • Output: Ultimate Flying-type damage

Twinkle Tackle

  • Type: Fairy
  • Output: Ultimate Fairy-type damage

Corkscrew Crash

  • Type: Steel
  • Output: Ultimate Steel-type damage

Pokemon Specific Crystal Moves

  • Raichu – Catastropika
  • Mew – Genesis Supernova
  • Eevee – Extreme Evoboost
  • Primarina – Oceanic Operetta
  • Pikachu – Stoked Sparksurfer
  • Snorlax – Pulverizing Pancake
  • Decidueye – Sinister Arrow Raid
  • Incineroar – Malicious Moonsault
  • Marshadow – Soul-Stealing 7 Star Strike
  • Ash Pikachu – 10,000,000 Volt Thunderbolt
  • Tapu ‚ÄčKoko, Bulu, Lele, and Tapu Fini – Guardian of Alola