How to speed up Solo Leveling in Conan exiles


In the Conan Exiles, you can level up as you progress through the game like the normal way, however, we are going to show how to level up solo faster like the eta to level 20 is 4 to 8 hours. This process we are going to show you works well with the YOM God Cannibal. The time we have given might vary since it is on PVP Blitz server. The following guide shows the trick to Solo Leveling faster in the game.

Conan exiles

How to do Solo Leveling Faster:

  • As the first step, on the right side of spawning, you will find a water pouch to collect, take it. Gather up 30 stones and 50 branches on the ground whilst running for the river North of spawn.
  • Reach the river to collect more twigs and stone for the sword or pickaxe, hatchet. Go to the West until you across the spawn of 3 or 4 gazelles like K12ish and farm here until campfire
  • You need to hide the collected items like stone, wood, bones etc then build a pit of YOM. Here you need to farm NPCs with the bone club-note and two per body so you can hit once.
  • The pit consists a great deal of items, pull them one by one and Keep a sleeping bag, each time you die you need to replace it.
  • You need to travel to the West further, once you collect the meat, bone club/sword. Grab as many as possible, rest of them will be there until you come back to fetch them.
  • You need to go through the NPC camp while heading to West and up the right you will reach oasis-like area with patch cliff, where you will find a huge number of gazelles that glitch out in the rocks.
  • You need to spend an hour or more time here and craft a Javelin soon when it gets available as this is a nice transition into the iron sword. Now you might be looking at level 15ish here or something as it is faster leveling up.
  • When you want to find Iron, go back until you get an opening which allows you to the path outside the corruption area. You will find plenty of Iron and stones in the area.
  • Now you need to set up tannery/furnaces/blacksmith and pit. You might get attacked by Hyenas, once you get the iron sword, around 5 to 6 hits kills them and now farm Hyenas and gazelles. For Rhinos and the bug creatures, you can strafe in circles and stay on their sides for easy experience.
  • After four to eight hours, you might clear the creatures in the area and reach the NPC city to fight the humans and get the bone club out. Build up the stack of the cannibal mean to farm. Get the steel.

Source: Reddit