How to access Recovery Mode of Playstation VITA

Sony handheld console, Playstation VITA also has a recovery mode very much similar to that of Playstation 3. PS VITA owners can use recovery mode whenever database gets corrupted, or PS VITA won’t start up due to corrupt system files.

PS VITAFollowing are the steps, PS VITA owners needs to follow to access Recovery Mode.

Step 1:

  • Switch OFF Playstation VITA by pressing Power Button for 10 seconds.

Step 2:

  • Press and Hold “R” plus “Power” plus “PS Button”

In Playstation VITA Recovery Mode, users can do the following things.

  • Restart the PS Vita
  • Rebuild the Database (When PS VITA system files corrupted, rebuilding database should be done)
  • Format Memory Card
  • Restore the PS Vita System
  • Update System Software

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