How to Activate Heroic Public Events – Ether Resupply

 How to Activate Heroic Public Events – Ether Resupply

Each Public Event in Destiny 2 has a heroic version that will reward Guardians with better loot upon completion. Guardians must follow a specific set of steps to trigger the heroic version of the event. This guide will show you how to turn the Ether Resupply Public Event into its heroic version.

The gist of this public event is to defeat a large Servitor. Enemy adds will spawn throughout the fight and at various stages of its life, the Servitor will spawn smaller Transport Servitors to shield itself from your attacks.

How to Activate Heroic Public Events - Ether Resupply

Destroy the Transport Servitors

The Transport Servitors will appear in waves. The first wave will have only a single Transport Servitor. The second wave will contain two Servitors, and the third and final wave will contain three. In order to trigger the heroic version of the event, these Transport Servitors must be destroyed before they disappear on their own. If they are not destroyed, they will despawn within roughly 30 seconds of appearing. After each wave, keep damaging the main Servitor in order to lower his health and trigger the next wave.

Be mindful of the Servitor’s teleportation attack as you focus your fire on the Transport Servitors. It is capable of teleporting you quite high into the air. This can also be very disorienting when trying to destroy the Transport Servitors before they disappear. Once the heroic version of the event begins, the rest of the fight will remain the same. The main difference is that the large Servitor becomes more aggressive in its attacks, often teleporting every single Guardian high into the air. Depending on the event’s location, it can be useful to utilize Pikes in order to help with the fight.

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