How to Activate Heroic Public Events – Taken Blights

 How to Activate Heroic Public Events – Taken Blights

Image via Bungie

Each Public Event in Destiny 2 has a heroic version that will reward Guardians with better loot upon completion. Guardians must follow a specific set of steps to trigger the heroic version of the event. This guide will show you how to turn the Taken Blights Public Event into its heroic version.

This public event is frequently found in the EDZ on Earth and is the only event featuring the Taken. In each phase of the event, shielded blights appear, which need to be destroyed.

Destroy Taken Blight

How to Activate Heroic Public Events – Taken Blights

When it comes to heroic public events, this one is fairly straight forward. The regular event just requires you to kill all the Taken. The event takes place in three phases. Each phase, an increasing number of Taken Blights appear in a different location. To trigger the heroic version, Guardians must destroy the large blight orb in the sky. In order to damage the orb, players must step into the shields of the smaller blights to received a “Blight Receding” buff. Throughout the roughly four second duration of this buff, the large blight orb can be damaged. Once the buff runs out, simply rinse and repeat.

Once the blight has been destroyed, the heroic version will become active, causing a boss to spawn in. Dispatch of it and enjoy the loot.

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