How to Add Logo or Overlay Image to your Live Stream PC Guide

Streaming you Videos on Twitch and Youtube have become much easier. You can use various software and within a fraction of the minute you are live to your channel with your Videogame, but some people take it to the next level where they add up some professionalism by adding Logo or overlaying images to make the video more attractive. This article is all about how to Add Logo or Overlay Image to your Live Stream.

How to Add Logo or Overlay Image to your Live Stream

How to Add Logo or Overlay Image to your Live Stream

Before we start with the Easy steps for Adding images we would like you to know that the software we are using is Open Broadcast Software. You can download it here and if you want to know more about good quality recording then check them out here. So without any further ado, let’s begin with the Process.

Step 1:

Decide which image you want and where you want to place it. This can be a simple logo that is displayed in once place all over the video, whatever image you want to make sure that it is in PNG format as it works best for the image to be transparent. You can use Photoshop to edit images or use a free software, but make sure with the image format. Try using the Twitch Overlay or StreamPro to drag and drop the overlay marker or use free overlays.

Step 2:

Open the OBS software, select the scene where you want the image to be added then Right-click inside the source box and click add Image(Browse Images). Set Opacity of the image to 80 to make it more transparent, then click OK.

Step 3:

We need to open the source again once you have the glance a Preview Stream. This will show you how and where the image is shown. To Adjust the Size and position you can right-click the image name then make changes to Position/Size setting. If you want to manually resize your image then click on the Edit Scene, Select the Source Box and drag the edges of the image to resize. Thus placing your image and Now you have successfully overlay the Image on your Stream