How to Auto-sell, Save Coins and Gems, Level up and more in Auto Battle, Tips and Tricks Guide

Auto Battle is the Award-winning Android RPG Game of 2014, it is said to be the best MMORPG experience where you battle endless monsters, adventure through dungeons & battle in PVP arena.

“Choose one of three classes, Warrior, Hunter, or Mage, to explore dungeons and engage in exciting Auto Battle against various monsters and bosses! Train your brave heroes to participate in team battle and guild wars for handsome rewards like Gems, Honor, and Reputation! Form or join a guild with smart match-making system to become the best player in the world! Use strategy to defeat enemies and Smash your bros in PVE and PVP combat alike!”

Auto Battle

How to Auto-sell, Save Coins and Gems, Level up and more in AutoBattle


Auto-sell all of common equipment proves to be highly helpful in this game. When you are on a lower level than the boss it will be hard for you to win without good equipment. All you need to do is auto sell things other than the rarest equipment. This will help you level faster and you can easily win over the boss.

Be Online

When you go offline in AutoBattle your character still fights for you, but his fight will last for only 24 hours after you go offline. After 24 hours your character will stop fighting decreasing the character’s stats and your chances of earning new items to equip. So make sure that you go online atleast once within every 24 hours.

Battle the weak

Dont feel bad about this! Every AutoBattle player is battling the players who are on the lower levels. The arena will be unlocked at 1500 power level, you can choose players from here. There are better chances of rewards in the arena battles than normal battles. You can get the rewards at 9 PM server time daily.

Coins and Gems

Your character can be really amazing in battles if you get equipments from the mall, the ones which you get from the battle are not that useful. Save as many coins and gems as you can and buy a lot of weapons and armor for your character. Be sure of not buying stuff that is not required for being strong in a battle.

Level up

Play smart so that you level up faster, this way you will unlock more goodies. Keep tab of the goodies that you unlock from the Skills area and Heroes area to add more automated comrades which will help you greatly in the battle.