How to avoid the Skull Soldiers in Episode 1 MGS V: The Phantom Pain

 How to avoid the Skull Soldiers in Episode 1 MGS V: The Phantom Pain

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Every Player in MGS V: The Phantom Pain has his own approach to complete the episodes of the game. But, there are some who are unable to complete the mission objective or get killed by the skull enemies in episode 1. Here is the best three approach on how to avoid and remain undiscovered from the Skull Enemies.

MGS V: The Phantom Pain

Approach 1:
As you have rescued Miller from the enemy camp and put him on the D-Horse, Open and select the pickup point from your iDroid. Now simply head straight towards the point and escape the zone. This is pretty simple and fast.


Approach 2:
Let’s assume that you have headed towards the LZ plot where the skull soldiers are nearly inevitable. make sure you make no mistake here as the skull soldiers can’t be distracted nor they can’t be attacked so, as they head to you(unconfirmed theory) no matter where you go they will follow your route.

First Things first.. Wait above the bridge(beginning) and let them notice your route. Then wait for them and let them come to you(Stay here and wait as shown in the picture).


As the skull Soldiers trace you under the bridge, make your run back to the first position(above the bridge).


Keep running until you reach across the bridge and call the D-Horse. now just escape to complete the mission.


Approach 3:
After reading this approach, I am sure you will try this and forget the other two approach. So this approach not only saves time but also your efforts. All you need to do is change the location where the helicopter picks you up and this will avoid the skull soldiers altogether. If it doesn’t work at our first playthrough then try replaying it and select the location. Enjoy.. 🙂