How to Beat Lady Maria of the Astral Clocktower in Bloodborne: The Old Hunters

One of the Most Powerful Hunter in Bloodborne expansion is Lady Maria of the Astral Clock tower who is also the Third Main Boss in the Storyline. Bloodborne is quite famous for mixing some unique features in a Common enemy and making him/her stronger as ever. This Bloodborne DCL Guide will show you how to Defeat Lady Maria of the Astral Clock tower.

Beat Lady Maria of the Astral Clocktower

How to Beat Lady Maria of the Astral Clock tower

Before you start the fight you must know about your enemy and her power. Lady Maria has two phases and both with different fighting techniques. She wields two blades which act as a pistol and a Spear when combined. To Take her down you must be prepared as once you begin with the fight you cannot back out. Make sure you have plenty of Fire Paper, Molotov Cocktails, and Blood Vials also carry the best weapon you are handy with. You must have your Physical and Blood defense high to last longer against Lady Maria. Let’s begin with the Fight.

Phase One: Hunter’s Bone Ability

As you begin with the Fight with Lady Maria, she will act like normal Hunters, but twice as fast than any other hunter you fought so far. You need to keep right side while facing her in order to block her when she is near and then take the advantage. When she tries to hit you from the side you dodge the attack and then try to hit her and give maximum 3-4 hits then again dodge.

Now that she has lost 25% of her energy she will use the Hunter’s Bone ability which will help her improve her Dodging ability by disappearing. You must focus on your attack by maintaining the same technique and keep right. Now as she moves so fast it’s better to stun her with your firearm like a pistol(recommended). As Lady Maria start with her attack by lifting the sword, you should shoot her as quickly as possible and Stun her and then perform the Visceral Attack.

Continue the Same technique until her health is is brought down to 50%. Remember that the first time she will allow you to shoot her then you must be very smart when to attack and when to dodge her attacks as they will provide quite a huge damage. Also keep an eye on your health and know when to take the Blood Vials, but don’t consume it all as the Main fight is yet to begin.

Phase Two: Lady Maria’s Blood Ability

Now that you have provided 50% of the damage to Lady Maria, she now enters her Phase 2 where she will stab herself in the chest and go overdrive to increase her and weapons’ ability with the same blood. Prepare yourself for the worst fight ever because Lady Maria is in her second phase of Ability by turning into a blood where the attack range, Jump into the air and explosion of blood is added to her Weapon.

Avoid moving in the center of the area as she will jump into the air and then crash near you as the Explosion of the Blood providing you a huge damage. She can also charge attack so stay guarded and focus on her attack style to know when to make your next move. She can still be stunned by your Visceral Attack, but you must know when it’s time to do so. Before you start with random attacks you allow her to make her move and then dodge the explosion by getting to her side and then charge her with hits.

If you continuously gave her maximum hits then she will push herself away here you must heal yourself and continue hitting her to bring her down to her last 25% of health which will trigger her next big move and the last part where you need to finish her off once and for all.

The Ending: Fire versus Fire

Once you have damaged Lady Maria to her last quarter health 25% then she will try to use her last trick by throwing her blood into the fire which not only makes her unstoppable but also much more powerful. The parrying and stunning with Visceral Attack is now much more difficult. How to defeat her when she is not even allowing us to attack her?

Here is the catch and Molotov will take place whenever she tries to charge her attack. Throw one by one and she how and when the damage percentage is better. When she is on fire you can try getting close to her and hit her with the combos and make her pay for her mistakes. Remember you must keep yourself healing with the damage you take while hitting or by the fire.

If you continue with the same strategy then you will emerge victorious in no time. Just don’t make a rush out of the hits take it easy and attack when you are ready. Thus Defeating Lady Maria of the Astral Clock tower. If you have anything to add let us know in the comments below.